Blog Income Report (Feb, Mar, Apr, & May 2024): let’s talk about it

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How are y’all doing? 👋 Welcome to the blog income reportJune 2024 edition (including Feb, Mar, Apr & May)

It has been a hot minute since I published one of these,

Time to face reality, I guess, rather than relying on the ostrich approach.

It’s not like I had no bandwidth to write a simple income report; rather, I didn’t have the motivation to publish anything since my earnings were falling after my September 2023 surge of over $26k.

And not just me; thousands of bloggers lost traffic in the millions overnight, all because Google has been flagging websites without notice.

I have witnessed bloggers who are also part of Mediavine Premere, meaning they were earning at least $500k from their websites through ads alone, take a massive hit. Their traffic has just plummeted to a mere 500-600 visits from search traffic a month.

Imagine working so hard to optimize each article to meet search demands and still getting penalized for it.

That’s just awful.

In my case, the lack of search traffic wasn’t able to affect anything because it wasn’t even there to begin with, haha.

What surprised me more was the perpetual decline of my Pinterest reach from 10 million monthly impressions to about 1.4 million despite pinning every day, new pins, and high-quality original designs.

In addition, I saw multiple copies of my pins “with slight changes” pop up in my feed from other accounts with over 9 million impressions. Whatttt???

This just threw me off even more, so I didn’t publish any pins or articles for a few months and focused on building other blogs to feel a little productive.

But truth be told, the focus shift I had from my main blog to other blogs was not to “build other websites”; it was a distraction to avoid the real problems I was having with my main site.

I micromanaged every little design detail to keep myself busy while growing the site’s Facebook page to about 11k followers as of this writing (ads were used).

But it was merely a form of procrastination without the guilt that comes with it.

It is an unprecedented time in the blogging space, and people are just trying to navigate this. Google just turned its back on small publishers.

Pinterest has been a tad chaotic lately, and I’ve been reading about bloggers’ rage about relying on Facebook and email lists to avoid such uncertainties.

And I might do just that.

The thing about growing a page on Facebook, certain topics and niches have a very low cost per follower when you’re trying to promote your page using paid tools.

This site (personal finance and business) does not fall into that category. Unfortunately, giving the page a big “follower” push-through paid ads will be hella expensive.

Let’s see how I navigate through this in the coming months. I will share everything that worked, what I didn’t, and what I’ve learned in the whole process.

Moving on,

Let’s talk numbers:

P.S. Numbers have really gone down, like actually.

Given below are the earnings of this website for each consecutive month, which hasn’t been this low since 2022.

Mediavine Ad Income $3858.11$2770.61$1971.70$1871.07
Affiliate Income
– Proofreading course$0$278.8$707.92$317.3
– Impact$540$90$90$180

Despite low traffic, the RPMs were really good throughout, ranging from a low $65 to over $90.

Blog Expenses (Feb to May):

Blog Hosting #1$34.95 + $17$34.95 + $17$34.95 + $17$34.95 + $17
Blog Hosting #2$34.95 + $17$34.95 + $17$34.95 + $17$34.95 + $17
Blog Hosting (3-5)$104.85 ($34.95*3)$104.85 ($34.95*3)$104.85 ($34.95*3)$104.85 ($34.95*3)
Canva Pro$12.95$12.95$12.95$12.95
All expenses remained the same since I had to cancel my expenses, such as Ahrefs and Semrush; Google isn’t helping, so there’s no point in trying to please the Google gods.

The only large expense or rather an investment that I haven’t mentioned in the table is Facebook ads. For my newest blog, I did some research and put some money into Facebook ads to boost my social reach through it, and as mentioned earlier, it has grown to over 11k followers now.

Now, the only thing that remains is to write quite a few good-quality blog posts that’ll make blog visitors stay for a while instead of bouncing as a result of no content.

Blog Traffic:

For the total period of four months, that is, February, March, April, and May, this site has received around 289k sessions and over 600k views.

Previous Blog Income reports:

Wrapping up:

I don’t really have much to say other than that it has been a horrible time for my blog and the blogging space in general. We all are just trying to navigate these unprecedented times, adapt to market changes, and overcome such uncertainties.

Hopefully, the second half of the year turn around to make up for everything and get this website back on track.

Will keep you posted!


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  1. Great honest article! What are you promoting from Impact?

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      I’m promoting a blog hosting service from Impact.

  2. Keep working hard, Stay Positive.


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