The Resources You Need to Start Things the Right Way

This Section is Dedicated to all the Tools You Need in Order to Succeed at WHAT YOU DO!

We believe that having the right services, tools, and products from the absolute beginning really goes a long way in terms of growth.

Which is why, here at Prosmartrepreneur, we only recommend resources that we have personally used (and loved) or those resources have complete trust in.

Disclaimer: Some of the links provided on this page are affiliate links. Meaning, we get a little commission if you choose to buy something by utilizing the said links at no extra cost from your side. But of course, nothing is promoted on this site until we trust it wholeheartedly.

Bluehost (#1 For Website Hosting)

When it comes to blog hosting, Bluehost will always be our first preference. Bluehost is totally beginner-friendly and has amazing customer service. To start your very own blog, tap on this link to access the super-easy guide to start a blog within 10 minutes.

And what’s more, is that they offer an exclusive offer price for the Prosmartrepreneur readers such as yourself of $2.95 per month (Usually $3.95 for others).

Convertkit (#1 For Email Service Provider)

For us, Convertkit is the most convenient Email service provider compared to other ESPs out there. Their various content delivery features, such as segmentation, automation, customer tagging, etc. really help business owners deliver relevant content to their customers/ blog readers via email.

The person who created Convertkit, Nathan Barry, was himself an online creator/blogger. So he knows what the digital creators really want in an ESP.

GeneratePress (#1 For Blog Theme)

After trying dozens of themes (both paid and free), the theme that felt right in terms of customizability, beginner-friendly, and the price was GeneratePress.

I own two websites (including this one), and both sites have this theme on them. GeneratePress has a site library containing various designs and templates to choose from, which look really professional and clean.

Don’t go for any high-priced themes; GeneratePress is cheap (around $49) and much better than any other paid theme. We’ve used and removed an overhyped theme, which cost us around $130. GeneratePress is far better.