Blog Income Report: I made $4,767 in April 2023

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Hello πŸ‘‹ & welcome to the Income Report: April 2023 Edition, where I’ll share how much I made, what were the expenses for running this blog, and other significant changes in this blog.

April was okayish in terms of traffic and income as well.

Not much significant growth was observed as such, but yeah, this blog made about $4767 last month (excluding expenses).

With each edition of the Income report, I’m coming to terms with the fact that whatever changes or additions I implement might not be reflected in the immediate month.

It takes time to see its fruition, maybe not the next month, but eventually.

One of the significant changes I implemented in April was the deletion of my existing email list.

Sounds extreme, but I thought that was the best thing to do since it has been a long period of silence since I sent my last mail.


As of writing this on May 3, I’ve made several brand new email signup forms that are targeted, niched, and only relevant to the article topic and are yet to be integrated.

I’ve also created a segregated list for you if you’re interested in blogging, making money through blogging, getting traffic, or anything blogging related in general.

Sign up with your email below to get access to all the upcoming blogging resources and news directly to your inbox.

Also, you’ll be the first ones to know when income reports will be published because they’ll be sent within seconds to you.

See ya in the inbox πŸ‘‹ …

Starting from scratch and taking it to at least 5k to 10k before 2023 ends

We’ll see!

Why do I publish my income reports?

A few days ago, one of my friends prompted me, “What do you offer in your blogs that sets you apart? What is your USP (unique selling point)?”

I had no idea…

What IS my USP?


I share everything that is behind this blog: how much it makes? What are the expenses? How much traffic do I receive? What are the sources?


But why do I do it?

Nobody wants to share something that is so personal (especially when it comes to money) and potentially vulnerable to their competitors just to show off, right?

The income reports are a self-documented report of my blogging journey so far, the monthly progress of a self-learned blogger, an inexperienced college student who just wanted to build a full-time income stream.

And therefore, I wanted to share all it took me to make this happen. But is it beneficial in the long run?

There has to be another reason that overpowers the risks…or people won’t do such actions that are clearly a gross error in judgment.

These kinds of “inside peek” blog posts often come with some surprising benefits.

For example, I’m publishing these income reports for two primary reasons:

  1. To motivate you
  2. To keep me in check
  3. Boosts engagement

Expanding on these points…

1. It motivates people to start something for themselves

It’s no secret that people are primarily motivated by results!

Does a tiring workout ever inspire you? Probably not; you are encouraged to have a well-shaped body or to have proper mobility, which is the end result, and thus you work out.

It’s not the process that gets people moving but the euphoric feeling to have achieved the end goal that motivated them to start in the first place.

Hence, I share my results to motivate people who are on the fence.

And if, after seeing my results, you do decide to start your own blog, I’ll say this income report has served its purpose well.

As I already mentioned before, my first impression of this whole blogging industry was through an income report of a wildly successful blogger who had 6-figures in her monthly income reports.

And that was enough to start my very own blog.

Witnessing someone make hundreds of thousands of dollars in a month working for nobody but themselves really gave me a strong dose of motivation.

I wanted those results and the work-life independence that comes with them.

By giving you the inside scoop on what a blog really makes (which is usually kept hidden) by giving you those exact income digits, it’ll show you what is really possible and hopefully help you decide whether you should give blogging a shot or not.

2. It motivates me NOT to get comfortable

Publishing my progress (or sometimes the decline) and the blogging journey in general also serves as an advantage to me.

Sure, I make a little ad income every time people read through an article like this, but that’s not the most valuable thing I’m acquiring here.

When I have a like-minded community that monitors and analyses my progress over time, it makes me do things more sincerely.

And this makes me want to give 110% in everything I do on this blog.

In short, It keeps me in check when it comes to slacking off (which is quite evident given I’ve skipped a lot of reports in the past).

Moreover, it will help me to keep track of the blog like a well-sorted document and how far the blog has come in terms of growth, readership, and income.

3. Boosts engagement

As much as many bloggers would hate to admit this publicly,

Posting income reports actually helps one to gain a lot of engagement, helps in audience retention, and as a result, a boost in earnings too.

For example, pick out any of my old Income Reports and compare the sheer number of comments and support I received from the people who follow these reports compared to other blog posts.

The difference is quite prominent.

Also, another side advantage is this kind of post gets a lot of backlinks when people make income report roundup posts highlighting various earning potentials from a wide range of niches.

And I’ve been featured in a lot of such roundup posts without any reaching out at all.

Now let’s jump right into the income breakdown for April 2023.

The Income Breakdown April 2023: $4767

Mediavine Ad Income $3444
Affiliate Income
– Blog Hosting Affiliate Program$720
– Proofread Anywhere Affiliate$603

Mediavine RPM was a bit lower at $49.27 compared to the previous month at $51.34

Blog Expenses for April 2023

Blog Hosting (Prosmartrepreneur + SayanNeogie)$34.95 * 2
Content delivery Network (CDN)$17 * 2
Canva Pro$12.95

So the Net Profit for this blog turns out to be ($4767- $116), which is


*Before taxes, of course

Still deciding whether you should start a blog or not?

You should go for it;

Here’s why!

Building a personal brand not only helps you make money while building an online audience, but it might drive you to financial freedom. To not be able to depend on others and/or not have to tolerate your 9 to 5 to make a living is the definition of time and money freedom.

Additional perks of blogging:

  • You don’t need any technical or coding knowledge prior to starting a blog.
  • Starting a blog is super cheap (only $2.95 a month)
  • You can create your blog on any topic you like or are passionate about, ANYTHING!
  • Create a passion project under your own name ( Example:
  • High-income potential (a lot of established bloggers make over $100,000 a month)
  • What do you have to lose? (other than those $2.95/month, some coffees are more expensive than this)

Here’s a step-by-step guide to getting you started.

Traffic Stats for April 2023

Income Proof:


mediavine income: April Income report

Blog Hosting Affiliate:

Impact Radius: Income report

Proofread Anywhere Course:

Proofread anywhere: Income report

Final thoughts,

Even though no significant progress was seen, some days are going to be not as good as others. It is part of the process to keep on going!

And that’s precisely what we are gonna do!

See ya next month


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  1. Hey Sayan,

    Thanks for sharing it with us again. Love reading income reports of yours.

    I want to ask what is Proofread Anywhere course. Is this course made by you?


  2. I appreciated your advice and decided to start a blog on Bluehost but it said it costs $7999 a year to buy a domain. What happened to free/$12.99 a year?

    • $7999 a year?? That’s not possible !
      Are you sure that was a legit Bluehost website?


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