Blog Income Report: I made $6747 in May 2023

Blogging Income reports

Hello 👋 and welcome to the income report: May 2023 edition.

This income report will encompass how this blog made around $6747 last month, though what revenue models? And what are some of the significant changes I made last month on this website?

If you’re fairly new to the concept of an income report of a blog, let’s get you up to speed:

A blog income report is usually a recap of a blog in a period of time (monthly or yearly),

where the person writing the blog shares the income generated, received traffic, the overall growth (or decline) and other blog updates for that particular period of time.

Kinda like a “behind-the-scenes” for a website that is usually kept under wraps from website visitors.

If you want to get these income reports as soon as they get published directly into your inbox, provide your email below, and I’ll send the link the second they are online.

Not all websites do this, but some do, and I happen to be someone who does.

Obviously, there isn’t some strict format when it comes to writing an income report that everyone has to follow, it’s your blog, and you decide what you want to share,

But how much and from where you made the total income is always included, hence the name “Income report.”

This also helps aspiring bloggers or people who want to make money by writing online to get a glimpse of the real numbers that can ultimately help them in some way.

The only reason I started writing online to potentially make some money on the side was that I just happened to come across a Blog income report (of a wildly successful blogger),

Which had the digits “$130,000 per month” in their income report title.

I was awestruck,

Enough to explore the possibilities and start something of my own, and here we are!

The primary reason why I write & publish income reports such as this one is to make someone realize the earnings opportunities when it comes to writing online.

So if any one of you reading this might give this “write online” thing a try, this article served its purpose well.

Although this blog is nowhere near $100k a month, I’m positive we’ll get there (hopefully).

Not too long ago, I continued publishing monthly income reports (Starting February 2023) after a brief pause, and I made around $4,753 that month.

This month, it grew by over 43% in the time period of 3 months.

My goal for 2023 would be to smash the $10,000 per month milestone before December 31.

The Income Breakdown: May 2023

Mediavine Ad Income $4427.88
Affiliate Income
– Proofread Anywhere$969.76
– Impact$1350

Blog Expenses for May 2023

Below mentioned are some of the expenses that must be incurred to keep this blog up and running 24/7

Blog Hosting$34.95
Email Service Provider$15
Canva Pro$12.95

These are some of the recurring costs associated with that are charged every single month from my credit card.

There are also some additional expenses that are charged yearly, such as the blog theme that I’m using in all of my blogs (GeneratePress), which costs around $59 yearly, or a one-time payment of $249, whichever mode fits your needs.

And at times, I have to use keyword research tools such as Semrush & Ahrefs to be able to look for ideas to write about, and these tools do help a lot.

So the Net Profit for this blog turns out to be ($6747- $63), which is:


(up by 43.7% since last month)

Income proof:

1. Mediavine

Mediavine had a higher RPM this month throughout, and I’ve seen multiple high-RPM days in the last few days, which are rare and are only to be seen during the holiday season. For example,

It also helped, given the fact that May received an additional 17.75% more sessions compared to the last month and had an extra 31st day, so yeah.

2. Proofread Anywhere Affiliate Program

3. Impact

Blog Traffic (Numbers & Traffic Sources)

Traffic Sources:

As per the graphical representation above, a large chunk of my blog audience is from social media

Pinterest, to be precise,

To be able to get such hits solely from Pinterest, I use some specific strategies that keep my pins relevant.

If you want the exact system I use for Pinterest, signup below and get it delivered directly to your inbox.

Email Subscribers:

Among all the other changes around this blog, I have started a brand new email subscription list from zero (ditched that 6k subs I had previously that went neglected) and plan to write at least one email every week.

Below are some of the initial numbers after it was implemented correctly last week.

I will probably circle back to these numbers as a reference if & when the list grows to a larger number.

So, all in all, these are some of the aspects that contributed to over $6.7k in profits last month.

On the fence about starting a blog?

You should give it a chance; here’s why!

Building a personal brand not only helps you make money, but it might drive you to financial freedom. To not be able to depend on others and/or not have to tolerate your 9 to 5 just to make a living is the definition of time and money freedom.

Other perks about blogging are:

  • You don’t need any technical or coding knowledge prior to starting a blog.
  • Starting a blog is super cheap (only $2.95 a month)
  • You can create your blog on any topic you like or are passionate about, ANYTHING!
  • Create a passion project under your own name ( Example:, I have another blog other than this which is in my name,
  • High-income potential (a lot of established bloggers make over $100,000 a month)
  • What do you have to lose? (other than those $2.95/month, a cup of coffee is more expensive than this)

Here’s how to start your own blog in 10 minutes:

Open a new tab, and follow this step-by-step guide on starting a blog. It’s that easy!

So that’s it;

This was in the income report for May 2023.

I hope this article helped you in any way, and I hope to see you here next month.


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