Blog Income Report: I made $4,753 in February 2023 + Updates

Hey there πŸ‘‹ , it has been a while since I wrote one of these.

Sorry about that 😬…

I am aware how many of you look forward to reading income reports every time I publish them because I know the number of times I’ve been asked over email and on Twitter DMs about why haven’t I posted my income reports for so long.

And for all asking the same, this is the blog post dedicated especially to you!

So last month I managed to make around $4753 from this blog, which is quite reasonable considering the fact that I didn’t actively work on the blog.

Pinterest reach has kinda automated my income since most of my traffic comes from Pinterest. Last month it had around 2.3 million impressions translating to around 66k sessions to this blog.

Also, I’ve been hell-bent on taking (my personal development & productivity blog) to get approved by Mediavine ad network.

Which you may (or may not) know, required a threshold of 50k sessions in the last 30 days to apply.

So far I’ve been able to get this blog’s Pinterest to reach 40k impressions/month (impressions on Pinterest profile, not blog sessions), which is around 600 sessions in the last 30 days.

This means I’ve to 100x the reach to apply; let’s gooooo!

Also, let me share an incident that almost made this blog a thing of the past (It happened before February):

Anyways, all thanks to my host provider and their phenomenal customer support, I got my site up and running before I got time to panic.

Which also resulted in some loss of traffic and income, but you know what? I’m grateful that I got it back.


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Let’s have a look at the traffic metrics for this blog:

Traffic Stats for February 2023

I also took some time off this month for traveling, and I guess the traffic was pretty consistent. Pinterest for the win!

The Income Breakdown: $4753

Mediavine Ad Income $3438.91
Affiliate Income
– Blog Hosting affiliate program$360
– Proofread Anywhere affiliate$954

Mediavine Ads are taking the top spot as usual followed by affiliate earnings.

I cannot recommend Mediavine as an ad network enough, especially for bloggers. Not only Mediavine brings me a good RPM, but it also assists site owners in improving other site metrics such as speed, SEO, subscriber growth and so so many tools for enhanced user experience.

If you want to know more about Mediavine and apply, take a look at the detailed Mediavine Review I published a while ago.

For some reason, I thought the RPM for February will be down because companies usually don’t like to spend that much on advertisement post-December (holiday season).

But nevertheless, February had a pretty decent RPM of around $50 throughout.

Income Proof:


income report: proof of income in Mediavine

Proofread anywhere:

Blog Hosting affiliate program:

income report : Income proof of Blog Hosting affiliate program:

Blog Expenses for February 2023

Blog Hosting$70
Canva Pro$12.95

Net Profit: ($4753 – $82.95), which is


A while ago, I canceled my subscription to the email service provider that I had because I wasn’t even using it at that time; why pay $99 for something that wasn’t in use?

But moving forward, I can see myself starting a newsletter from scratch, mainly because the 6k subscribers that I had were abandoned for so long; I simply cannot get myself to send a “Hello, guess what? I’m alive” email out of the blue.

So I’m settled on starting a brand new email list next month (I’ll have to create a few forms and freebies prior to that).

There is a whole set of things I’ve to figure out (again) for this blog to pick up its pace. And honestly, I’m thrilled!

Now for the explanation part…

The reason I discontinued publishing income reports & why I won’t again,

First thing first, let me assure you that discontinuing income reports is not something I intended to do rather it was all circumstantial.

There were majorly 3 reasons behind the discontinuation of the Income Reports:

It feels kinda weird talking about this but anyways, transparency for the win…

1. Shifted Focus

Since 2022 I’ve been exploring other business opportunities apart from this website within the same domain of content creation that would mainly focus on my personal branding.

Hence I bought the domain and started a personal development blog.

At that point, my initial thought was to build a group of side projects that would be interlinked, providing a sense of wholeness to the idea of personal branding.

Yes, that would also mean multiple sources of income, quite an incentive there.

But anyway,

Building a website from scratch is surely no easy feat, so I was heavily invested in developing this new blog.

I had to come up with multiple design ideas for the same that I am satisfied with; I like to do every aspect of designing on my own, even for this blog, which is why it can be a little tedious.

The content structure too took some time for me to figure out.

2. Neglected

Since most of my time was allotted to building the “new blog plan”, I started to overlook my main website. And as a result, there was no significant income for a particular month that was worth publishing about.

And since there was no significant drop in traffic or income at once, it was quite an assurance for me to do what I was doing, which was pure negligence.

Looking back now, I can see the drop in everything; it wasn’t sudden but rather linear, but comparing now to where I left off, it seems like a pretty significant difference.

Building a business isn’t some “Set-&-Forget” strategy; it is a continuation of efforts to keep it alive.

3. Moving to a Different City

Last year I finally moved to a different city, and after all the chaos that comes with apartment hunting and other home decor adjustments, I can say that I am finally settling in.

All these 3 factors + my own procrastinating tendencies, have led to this decline in income, and I think it will decline a bit more for the next month before it picks its pace back up; I’m sure it will.

But hey, this is all part of the journey; I’m not sulking over what could’ve been had I put much-needed effort into creating more content.

Instead I will funnel this focus more toward publishing and growing.

And moving forward, I’ll make sure not to reiterate this blunder; I think I got a pretty unforgettable lesson from this whole experience.

In other news, I finally decided to give Twitter a proper shot; I’m posting long threads & hot takes about content creation, blogging, business, and productivity on a daily basis:

If you’re into any of these or would like to be informed, let’s connect @TheSayanNeogie.

Anything I post blogging-related from this point on, Twitter will be the first one to know!

And lastly, keep an eye out for the following income report because there is no stopping/pausing now; even if there’s a month with negative income, I’ll post that as well.


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    • Thanks, Demetrio! Happy to be back as well!


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