Blog Income Report: I Made $8599 in January 2024

Blogging Income reports

Hello 👋 , and welcome to the blog income reportJanuary 2024 edition (First of the year)

Starting the year with whatever the opposite of a “bang” is, back to 4-digit income reports (a temporary situation, I’m hoping).

January, particularly for me, isn’t a month I expect a very high revenue, mostly due to drops in overall RPMs throughout the content space post-holiday season.

The average RPM for December was $75.40 compared to $52.72 for January, quite a drop. Which, again, is still higher than last year’s January RPM ($41.15)

It’s well within the “normal range,” is all I’m saying.

Looking back,

I can’t feel anything but a sense of triumph, as my goal for 2023 was to make $100k, and I overshot the goal by exactly 50%, making over $150k for the entirety of 2023.

I posted this on 𝕏, and someone replied, “Oops, I think you shot past the moon and landed in the stars“: couldn’t have said it better.

I guess that holds true for most parts of life; aiming higher can only catapult your reach to new heights that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise.

This is one of the reasons why I have this impossible goal for my email list in the coming months (discussed later).

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Moving on,

Here’s the income breakdown for January 2024

The Income Breakdown: $8599

Mediavine Ad Income $6173
Affiliate Income
– Proofreading course$1706.80
– Impact$720

Due to the drop in RPMs, ad income was a little less despite having a bit more traffic than last month.

Blog Expenses for January 2024

Blog Hosting + CDN (this site)$34.95 + $17
Blog Hosting + CDN (site 2)$34.95 + $17
Blog Hosting (site 3-5)$104.85 ($34.95*3)
Email Service Provider$99
Canva Pro$12.95

Since ditching big expenses like Ahrefs & Semrush,

I feel like I should also include the hosting costs of running other sites of mine since I’m heavily invested in creating content for those sites and planning to monetize (get accepted to Mediavine) at least two of them before 2025.

Although they are not making money now, it doesn’t mean they are not expenses; the break-even point is imminent in the coming months.

Gotta count every dollar going in and out!

And, of course, I will include any surplus purchase if need be.

You may have noticed that Site #1 ( and Site #2 ( are the only ones with a CDN at the moment.

Hence the extra $17; the rest of them will be getting their own CDN upgrade later on if I see a significant surge in traffic.

Till then, I honestly don’t feel the need for it.

So the Net Profit for this blog turns out to be ($8599.80- $320.70), which is:


(down 21.55% since last month)

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    • Building a like-minded community
    • You don’t need any technical or coding knowledge prior to starting a blog.
    • Starting a blog is cheap (about $2.95 a month)
    • You can create your blog on any topic you like or are passionate about, ANYTHING!
    • Create a passion project under your own name ( Example:, I have another blog other than this, which is in my name,
    • What do you have to lose? (Other than those $2.95/month, a cup of coffee is more expensive than this.)

    Here’s how to start your own blog in 10 minutes:

    Head over to the article: Step-by-step guide on starting a blog, and you’ll be good to go.

Income Proof:

1. Mediavine

2. Impact

2. Proofread Anywhere

Traffic Stats:

Email Subscribers:

Previous Blog Income reports:

Blog Updates & Goals for 2024:

Proper page setup and designing for the new baby site feels like a never-ending process.

Just last week, I paid a Fiverr freelancer to design a signature logo for the same but ended up canceling the whole order as I was not satisfied with what I was getting even after two revisions.

As always, I would like to set some goals and some borderline farfetched visions for the coming months for me to test my limits when it comes to overstepping my potential.

Here are a few goals (in no particular order) that I would like to tick off the box before 2025 hits:

1. Annual blogging revenue of $300,000

This is a bit of a stretch but not something I have already done before. Doubling down on my yearly revenue will be the goal of the year, which is a far-off yet reasonably attainable goal.

In 2022, my ad income from Mediavine stood at $39k and $121k in 2023.

So following the projection, which clearly says it was a 3x jump, I’m stating a goal that is well within my range of execution.

2. Getting at least 2 of my new websites to Mediavine

I may have mentioned too many times (to the point that it’s annoying) that I have launched a few more websites that add to my portfolio, courtesy of my $150k win.

So naturally, I would want them to be a part of the exclusive Mediavine publisher network.

Also, the fact that I am a Mediavine Pro publisher now, I have added incentive to apply since I have the ticket to apply at a much lower traffic threshold of 25k sessions in the least 30 days (50k for a general applicant).

So to give you a wider perspective, I’ll include a tabular representation (given below) to help you get proper insights about the growth indicators of respective websites.

1. Prosmartrepreneur.comFinance & Business117,000$8,599
2. SayanNeogie.comPersonal Development6700
Site #3Mostly Business250
Site #4Travel260
Site #5Personal Finance280

3. Diversifying primary traffic (Facebook + Pinterest)

Utilizing Facebook to attract quality traffic has been on my list for a very long time now.

Apart from all the saturated Facebook ad courses people sell for starting a dropshipping store, I want to focus more on building an audience on Facebook to attain recurring traffic specifically.

And that requires a lot more than eye-catching product videos; it requires the culmination of consistent quality content.

4. Capture a shy of 30k Email subscribers

Okay, now this goal is something that I feel could be a long shot because after gaining 5k subs in a year, I do think 30k can be a task.

Although I didn’t put much effort into A/B testing forms, optimizing the subscriber onboarding journey, sending regular broadcasts, and all the other aspects of attaining and nurturing an active email list, I do have experience growing a list, given I have a good influx of high-quality traffic.

Let’s see what the future holds.

That is for the income report for January 2024; see ya next month.


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  1. Wow, jan $8k+ i just pray that the hard work for my blog pays too. You really inspire me. Thnx

    • Thank you, Charles; I hope it does too.
      All the best, man!

  2. Are you making any money from blogs currently?


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