Hi, I am Sayan Neogie

Founder of Prosmartrepreneur.com

Money and business nerd who started this blog back in college as a way to make money so that I don’t have to get a corporate job. Now, this website receives over a million users every year.

I’ve been featured in various media outlets such as MarketWatch and Thrive Global.

My story: How and why I started Prosmartrepreneur?

Income reports: Seeing some of the obnoxiously high-income reports of other bloggers made my eyes turn into dollar signs. The income reports really inspired me. Well, that and me not wanting to join the corporate world really gave me a big push.

I am an IT engineer by education, but somehow I transitioned into a personal finance blogger. How did that happen?

Even towards the end of high school, I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I took engineering, just like that, because that’s what sane people do, right?

You know, when you’re in your late teens (or even in your early twenties), you get a little desperate to score a reliable source of income as soon as possible that pays well.

Because it is the time to get out of your parent’s house and make big life decisions, which is why it is good to have a dependable financial backing of your own without asking anybody for help, not even your parents.

While that was on my mind while pursuing engineering, I had no idea what I wanted to do after college to make that happen. Moreover, I didn’t want to enter the corporate world either.

So in order to make sure that I don’t end up in a 9 to 5 job and do something that makes a good income, I began exploring different small-scale business options.

First, I started with YouTube (I was not serious, though) and made around $0.81 after a very long time. But being camera shy, I was afraid to go all in. So I had to choose something different.

Then I learned about making money through Instagram (getting paid by having a massive following), somehow, I managed to get a 10k following on my Instagram page, but that too was a little tedious, and made no money at all.

Then I got to know about blogging after reading an article (It was an income report) from a wildly successful blogger who earned more than $100,000 every single month from her blog.


Right there and then, I decided to start a blog, even without any previous experience or any knowledge in this field whatsoever. I didn’t even have any blog topic on my mind yet, but one thing was for sure, and that is,

So, yeah! I jumped right into the blogging realm.

I initially launched this blog on a combination of two niches (topics): Blogging and Finance, but after a few months, my focus started to lean more toward “Finance & Business.”

I became really interested in personal finance, making and managing money, and becoming financially free. And naturally, I became eager to share those with my audience. And soon enough, this blog focussed more on the “money-making” niche.

There was a time in this whole situation when I had to choose between blogging and getting a job because all the major companies were to start hiring soon, and my blog wasn’t making that much money!

So I decided not to apply for a single job interview if I get this website into Mediavine’s publisher network (a well-known Ad network in the blogging world) before a specific date.

And luckily, on 9th May 2019, I got approved by Mediavine as an “Exclusive member of Mediavine Finance“.

It was the happiest day in my blogging career, tbh!

That was a turning point for me and now I am making a full-time income from this blog. And I’m publishing my own Income reports to show the monthly progress of this blog for my audience to read.

It’s kind of like a full-circle moment where everything started with other bloggers’ income reports, and now I’m publishing my own. Speaking of which, I made over $9482 in September 2020.

As of writing this, Prosmartrepreneur.com receives over 1 million visits yearly. (Hoping to increase that number every upcoming year)


  • I have a degree in IT engineering, but I have no idea why I did engineering, though.
  • Became really passionate about personal finance and business after starting a blog while pursuing engineering.
  • Started this blog and worked on it relentlessly.
  • Decided to not apply for any engineering job if I get into the Mediavine ad network before a certain date.
  • I got in!
  • Soon enough, this blog started making me a full-time income (well, a lot more than that)
  • Now, this blog gets over a million readers yearly.