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Niche Blog Topics That Has Six Figure Income Potential (best niches for blogging)

Niche Blog Topics That Has Six Figure Income Potential (best niches for blogging)

The niche of a blog is crucial. Blogging is wonderful and so lucrative attracts a lot of people into this business every day.

You may have noticed a lot of niche blogging sites that’ll help you start a blog. All you got to do is find good hosting, select a domain name, install WordPress, and *BAM* you’re golden!

If you want to follow up on the tutorial to start a blog at discounted prices, then head over to this article.

Starting a blog is REEEAAALLY easy nowadays. 

But making money from it? Well… not so much!

Some influential business figures claim that to make money, you’ll have to target the right audience. 

50% of which is done when you choose a niche.”Blog Niches” is a thing that a lot of people are concerned about because a niche drives a specific audience group. Which evidently converts to more income.

But conversely…. it is not the absolute necessity for you to niche down your website to selected topics. Take for example. What is their blog niche? I have no friggin idea. Their blog covers everything under the sun, which gets MILLIONS of page views every single month.

And yes, more pageviews = more $$$.

Sooo…Why choose a niche?

As said above, Choosing a specific niche increases your chances to attract the like-minded audience who are only looking for what you have to offer, Which in turn increases your blog income.

Though there are many popular opinions around the blogging world that say ” You should always choose a niche you’re really passionate about” OR “Select a niche that you truly love “, If you’ve decided to make your blog niched, then choosing one of the some selected niches might be your best bet to grow fast.

Because some specific niches DO perform better compared to other niches (Income wise).

For example: In one of my previous Posts (Brutal Truths About Making Money Online), I’ve talked about how a blog gets different amounts of traffic depending on the niche.

If I had a Yoga Teaching Blog. Making money from yoga will be pretty damn hard for me unless I start a yoga clothing line or sell a meditation music series or yoga courses. Yoga is good for traffic but terrible for money, even if you’re using ads, MILLIONS of pageviews a month will be required to make a decent income.

But a Personal finance blog will thrive despite getting only a fraction of that traffic.

Yeah! Making money online is funny (and confusing) like that. But I’ll admit that Niche does play some part in money-making.

Either way, to have a blog that makes six figures (at least),  you probably have to join major affiliate programs Such as Flex offers, Awin, Impact, and ShareASale. (Which are pretty easy to join, even for a brand new blogger).

Join Affiliate programs –

1: Flex offers

2: Awin

3: Impact

4: ShareASale

So, Given below are the blog niche (in no specific order) that have the potential to make a six-figure income.

1: Food And Recipies

Out of all the niches present, Food blogs get millions (We are talking MULTI-MILLION) of pageviews each month. It is a bit challenging to sell products through a food blog because almost no one in the audience gives much attention to your product, they are there just for the recipes. 

Despite that, receiving such a large amount of traffic is enough to boost your income through display ads.

Another way to make an increase to that income amount is to write sponsored posts. Certain companies pay good amounts to promote their content in these high-traffic blogs.

One of the reasons why Food blogs are so popular is that the majority (80%) of Pinterest users (With around 200 million active users at the time of writing the post) are Females, Food blogs are a massive deal in the world of Pinterest.

Top Food blogger –

2: Personal Finances And Money Making

Personal Finance and Money blogs thrive on the internet because most of us suck at money matters. 

Frugal living, budgeting, and expense management are those boring but useful things that help make our lives a little bit better. But the majority of people have no clue how to handle financial changes.  Thus, it makes this niche evergreen.

Did you know that saving money, money-making and other topics related to money is one of the biggest niches on Pinterest? There are some massive group boards just for frugal living bloggers.

Top Personal Finance blogs –

3: Health And Fitness

This is the most obvious one! I mean, who hasn’t in their life googled tips to lose weight, gain muscles or any fitness stuff in general.

We all do it.

Now, more than ever people are obsessed with fitness and getting in shape. Moreover, there is a very low chance that you’ll go wrong in this niche because almost all the demographics in the world is into health and fitness.

Alternate health solutions are also widely popular in this area, people will always love alternate cheap remedies and cures to certain health problems compared to mainstream medicines and surgical techniques. 

Now when it comes to Monetization of your blog, you can always rely on display ads, sponsored posts, fitness coaching, and online courses.

Fitness blogs can also be as popular as Food blogs, and both the niches unite when it comes to “Healthy – Cooking”.

Top Health And Fitness blogs –

4: Blogging And Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship blogs are pretty popular. Take Forbes and Business Insider, for example, they are massive. Even Blogs based on blogging are a good example of an Entrepreneurial domain.

As time is changing, new income methods are beating traditional ways of earning. Entrepreneurship blogs are just a small window to reflect those methods, and sure enough, the audience loves it.

These blogs are also a great source of motivation for a good number of people who are struggling to earn or are not happy with the way they are making their money. 

Top Blogging And Entrepreneurship blogs –

5: Parenting

Parenting blogs Come to great help to those who are going to be parents, new parents as well as parents with teenage kids. And then again when the kids become parents.

The cycle goes ON and ON.

Let’s be honest, parenting is no joke, Being a parent is a hard task to do (which lasts for many years). I know because I am a son, and I was such a brat around the house that thinking about that now makes me realize


Besides that, Parents are always on the internet searching for tips and guides to know what is best for their kids, which food is healthy during their growth, and educational activities for their kids. And these web searches are what make parenting blogs win. 

And with such search terms, there are potentially thousands to millions to be made with affiliate marketing just by selling some guides, tips, or games which parents think are might be useful to their kids.

Top Parenting Blogs –

6: Travel

I want to travel.

My friends want to travel.

Most of my family wants to travel.


And for people with a job, these travel blogs are a great escape from their nine-to-five lifestyle. 

According to in 2016 the global revenue generated by the traveling industry including transportation, accommodation, entertainment, and attractions was 7.6 Trillion dollars.

A big benefit of being a travel blogger is that, if you have a huge blog following, then certain companies will offer you to stay in their hotels and let you travel for free (or with a great discount) if you share positive experiences about the hotel and services to your audience.

Normally, what happens when we plan to travel somewhere?

We Google Zillion of things. Where is the best destination to travel to, how to book cheap tickets, reliable hotels, food, safety, attractions in that place, etc? Travel bloggers provide in-depth knowledge to questions like these, the do’s and dont’s, etc.

Though unlike most of the other niches, you actually HAVE to go and travel places to fill up your blog content, you just can’t use your imagination. 

Yes! You have to make a beforehand investment for your traveling plans even before you start your blog. This very reason makes a lot of newbie bloggers NOT choose “Travel” as their primary niche.

Top Travel Blogs-

7: Lifestyle

Lifestyle Niche is MASSIVE in terms of content and area of topics it covers.  A lifestyle blog is a blog that may have many different sub-topics. These blogs generally target one type of demographic – Self-confidence, college kids, pet lovers, style, inspiration, gardening, etc.

Or one can make their blog a combination of many subtopics like the ones mentioned before. Because of this idea, some bloggers think you can’t generate an income with a multi-topic blog which is definitely not true at all.

For example:

Ashli from The Million Dollar Mama covers about 8 Topics in her blog – from recipes to blogging to travel and more. And she makes around $5000 just from Amazon by referring people.

One of the Biggest Advantages of Choosing a lifestyle blog is that you will NEVER run out of topics to write about. This very fact is the reason why bloggers are able to write more consistently without repeating the same topic over and over.

Top Lifestyle blogs –

Bottom line is,

Choosing one of the above niches might be your best bet if you want to grow fast. But, The mentioned niches above and all the popular niches present out there have one thing in common, which is-

They all make enough money to let bloggers leave their jobs and go FULL-TIME as a Blogger. Which is pretty amazing!

And if you haven’t started your blog yet because you’re unsure if this is ever gonna work out? I would strongly, wholeheartedly suggest you at least give it a go. You don’t even know what you might be capable of until you try it.

Know how to Start A Blog in this step-by-step guide.

Is This Your Year?

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Tuesday 19th of October 2021

I started my food blog know August 2021 and the fact that you listed food niche as one of the top blogging niches puts a smile on my face. Cheers to more success blogging 💰. Kelvin from cookjungle

vikram kumar

Sunday 22nd of August 2021

its knowledgeble content


Sunday 20th of December 2020

I would love to start a healthcare blog. Being a nurse, I have a lot of important and helpful information but do not want to get sued for my opinions. How can I give practical and important advice concerning things like nursing home placement and hospice without receiving unwanted attention?

John heely

Thursday 22nd of October 2020

Thank you so much. I was looking for the idea to start a new blog. Now i have clues and of course ideas of niches to start with I think i would like to choose parenting niche. Cos i m a parent also and trying to bring up my children in a healthy way. Best regards.


Tuesday 28th of April 2020

Thanks for this information! I started a travel blog this month and have been thinking about adding a budget/finance element to it since my blog is focused on budget travel. I’ve been so scared to take the leap, but I’m feeling inspired after reading this! Thanks again!