How To Start A Profitable Blog

How To Start A Profitable Blog

October 14, 2017 Better Blogging 2
how to start a profitable blog. Step by step guide to start a blog

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Looking for a step by step guide to start a blog and start making money?

Look no further!

Blogging is an amazing opportunity with endless possibilities. Starting your own blog has the potential to drastically change your life for better.

Thinking that you can’t make real money with blogging?

*Ahem!* *Ahem!*

  • Pat Flynn of Smart passive income makes over $200,000 each month from his blog
  • Michelle from making sense of cents makes over $121,000 each month
  • Melyssa from Melyssa Griffin makes over $173,000 every month
  • Rosemarie from The Bust Budgeter makes over $20,000 

The list goes on…..

I won’t lie. It’s a pretty awesome job. You get to help people every single day and get to stay home with your family while you do it. You can work in my pajamas, in bed, at the park, at the local Starbucks, or even on vacation.


Well then. Here I am going to walk you through each and every step to how you can set up your own blog and share your amazing content with the world.



But how I am going to do that, I don’t have the technical knowledge of setting up a website?

No worries, thanks to today’s technology anyone can set up their own website using the popular platform called “WORDPRESS”. Almost most of the blogging websites are powered by WordPress for good reasons.



Here I am going to introduce some terms you need to get familiar with.

1: Domain name= It is the address of your website. And has the name you give to your website.for example my domain name is

2: It is a platform where you build your blog website. Just like your apartment where you live, WordPress is like your website’s apartment.

3: Hosting company= It is like the landlord for your website. Bluehost is the hosting company I recommend. You pay small fees to them for little space in their servers for you blogging website. I am going into details about hosting company later on this page.

There are also some free blogging alternatives in which you can start blogging (blogger) but you don’t want to do that because that blog will never be completely yours and you will not get its full control ever.If they decide to take down your content, they can.


Before you even go to the technical part of starting a blog, you need to come up with a blog topic or niche that you are going to write about.Also, you need to find a domain name for your blog  (for example: So, grab a pen and a paper and start brainstorming.

I spent about one and a half day just trying to come up with my domain name. So take all the time you need because the domain name will be the identity of your website. Try to make sure that your domain name gives the idea of what your blog is going to be, you can also put your name as your domain name for example: , if you’re Superman!

But, don’t stress about the domain name that much! it’s not about the Domain name that matters, your content does! 

You can check if a specific domain name is available or not here:


After choosing your blog topic and blog domain, you need to find an apartment for your blog (, now you cannot just choose an apartment and start living there, you have to talk to the landlord first ( hosting company) to talk about the rent you have to pay.


Here comes the top hosting provider, Bluehost. It is one of the best hosting companies IN THE WORLD. Its customer care services are amazing if you have a problem and might even fix it for you.


Still not convinced?




1: Register for your domain

Bluehost is one of the top web bosting companies and you can start your own blog with as low as $3.95 a month (Usually $7.99, this low price is with my link). P.S –  Bluehost charges yearly! So even at $3.95/month, you’ll need to pay for the full year. And if you are signing up with my link then you are going get the domain free (almost a $15 of value).

I recommend you choose a purchase of 12 months of hosting plan through Bluehost. It’s really affordable and if you want a better deal then sign up for a 36-month hosting plan, this way your monthly rate will be even much lower.

2: Choose your plan


Here, choosing the “basic plan” is what you should be doing, because this is all you need to start your blog. You don’t need those extra services offered in” plus ” and “recommended/business pro” plans and pay extra money.

3: Choose the plan term

Choosing the 36-month plan is the most cost-efficient of all plans. But you can choose the 12-month plan (or 24-month plan)if you want to. Select the domain privacy protection and unselect the rest because you won’t be needing those right now.

4: Buy hosting for your blog

    • Only the domain privacy protection is what you need in your plan .So, unselect the rest and it will cost you just $0.99 a month. It is to keep your info safe and secure from other get the cheapest price to start a blog in WordPress, signup through my link only, its only $3.95 per month through my link (grab quickly) and for the best deal in terms of money  36-month plan is the most cost-efficient.
      • If you sign up for 12 months then the price is $4.95 per month. And if you choose 24 months plan then the price is $3.95 per month. These prices are also great (especially you are getting the domain free of cost).
      • If you are not sure about blogging but still want to give it a try then choosing the 12-month plan is great.If you are choosing 12-month plan then your total price will be $59 a year.
      • The basic plan is all you need right now. So ignore the plus and business pro plans. So no need to sign up for the extra you will not be needing.
  • remember, if you sign up with my link you get the domain free even if you choose the 12-month plan.

By signing up for at least 12 months is what I recommend because if your hosting is not renewed in time or card expires,  then your website is down and may have a risk of losing traffic in your website. It is also expensive to pay for hosting month by month. The longer your plan is, the less rate you have to pay.

So, whenever you’re ready to start a blog,  just follow the given steps below:

1: Go to Bluehost and click the “GET STARTED NOW” button.

2: click on the plan you’re interested in (the basic one).

3: Register your domain name.

4: Enter your plan duration ( minimum of 12 months).

5: Enter your payment and personal information.

6: now you’ll be asked to enter a password. make sure it’s strong because it is really important.

5: Install WordPress on Bluehost

This is probably the easiest part. Bluehost makes it really easy to connect to WordPress.

  • After you create your password, you’ll come across to a tab like that given above, then click ” INSTALL WORDPRESS”.


  • It usually takes 2-3 minutes then you’re good to go.


  • WordPress will then ask you to create a username and a password for your WordPress account. After that, you’ll have to choose a theme for your blog.choose a theme ( don’t worry, you can change it later).If you are looking for a professional theme and Framework, you can get it from Studiopress.


  • It provides amazing themes and a drag and framework for the construction of your blog for easy and convenient use. I highly recommend it and a lot of successful bloggers do too.So, go ahead an.OR you can put up a free theme for WordPress. Just go to ” APPEARANCE”  on the left side and click on “THEMES”. 


GREAT! Now that you’ve created your blog,  Go give yourself a treat.


  • To write a blog post, click on “posts” on the left side when you’re logged in.
  • to add an image, click on “add media”.
  • You can go to “Appearance,” then “Widgets” in order to add items to your sidebar, footer, and so on ( for example: recent posts, social links etc).


P.S- To access your website you can type  and enter your wordpress username and password.


Now that you’ve got everything you need to start a blog. GET STARTED and good luck.

For any doubts or questions, feel free to ask me.


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