Brutal Truths About Making Money Online That Bloggers Don’t Tell

“Making Money Online” Seems to be that dream career that everyone wants to have, its all supposed to be great right?

Okay, I won’t lie, for the most part, it is great.

You get to make money while sitting at home while watching Netflix, have your own time and schedule to work, have more family time, you’re your own boss and moreover, you don’t have to suffer the tiring grind of nine to five jobs.

And usually,

Brutal Truths About Making Money Online That Bloggers Don't Tell (long image)
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Many people like to generalize that people owning an online business, makes loads of money, only travels first class,

In short, their life is PUURRRRFECT.

And again, its true for most of the part.

Sure! There are a lot of people living their best life they can possibly imagine making money online, but there still exists some terrible bits of reasons why making money online is, well… not so great!


I don’t want to scare you, that’s what clowns are for. I just wanted to make you a little familiar with some of the true facts that might feel like a “Punch In The Gut” if you learn it the hard way! You know what I mean?

Now let me tell you the “NOT SO GLAMOUROUS” part of making money online that weirdly enough, not many bloggers talk about.

 Here we go…



1: Say it with me, “There’s no such thing as Quick And Easy Money”.

Numerous times I’ve come across some of these statements like

“HEYYY! Want to make loads of money doing THIS, like THAT person did and Travel the world? Then Take This Course And Start Making Full Time Income NOW! Like RIGHT NOW! CLICK HERE! CLICK HERE NOW!!

Well…Maybe it’s true! , maybe you’ll be making money, but with all those luring statements comes a small condition and that is “A great deal of Time, Dedication, and Hard Work is required”, which most bloggers/sellers fail to mention and people give up easily if they don’t see quick results.

IN SHORT– Get Rich Quick Schemes Are Not giving you full disclosure, a big ass ” Conditions Apply” statement is missing.

There is no possible way that makes you quick money easily without the goddamn beforehand work. The amount of work that goes into it is insane.

For Example:

I myself worked for two months straight before I made my first $25 from this blog. That being said, Starting a blog is one of the best ways to earn extra money, and I’m thankful every day that I started this site. Kudos to my huge leap of faith!




2: You’ll Find Yourself Lonely At Times.

This is because you are often separated from the rest of the world. Normally, people work with others, in a professional environment. However, when working online it is usually just you.

Especially in the beginning, if you’re too busy putting up your efforts as a newbie to the online business, then you’ll have almost no interaction with others and chances are you’ll barely get enough time to even sleep too. 

I too had spent nights with only 2-3 hours of sleep writing my blog posts. 


At the time I didn’t mind being lonely, I actually preferred being alone. That way I could get more stuff done. 

But if you’re under the loneliness cloud, I’d advice you to network with other online entrepreneurs/bloggers etc ( with the same business as yours), Talk to them, share strategies, ask for help, help others, collaborate etc. In the end, you’ll have some amazing friends.

You can join my private Facebook group (if you want) of the ProSmartrepreneur community below.



3: Low doses of motivation will take you nowhere, LITERALLY.

As I mentioned earlier, you’re alone a lot of the time and probably have no idea if your business is going to succeed at all. And that means you need a hell lot of motivation to keep yourself engaged.

The main reason why some end up making Thousands per month online, while others just fade away is the difference in motivation levels

Making money online is not that easy as it seems, and if you don’t have the motivation that will drive you even you’re at your worst, Then you’ve already lost the game bruh!

Take a moment to accept it!

It is easy to give up when you don’t see results. I too had thoughts of giving up on blogging on a weekly basis if not daily until I saw my slow (but steady) progress. It took me no less than 3 months to start earning real money.

In case you’re wondering how I started blogging then check out this post



4: Some days you’re at the top, while some days you’ll hit rock bottom.

And maybe you’ll be hit pretty hard.

Along with the Online money making process, comes certain days when you earn thousands of bucks each day whereas, on some days you won’t make even a penny. Online money making is funny like that.

And at some point, you will question everything you believe you know. One night you may have a terrific idea or a strategy which might sound stupid the next day.

It happens more times than you think if you ask me.

It is just a NORMAL part of making money online, nothing out of ordinary here.

So if you’re at the rock bottom for some reasons? Don’t worry at all, it is just a phase and it’s only up from here on. So keep hustling! 



5: All Niches Do NOT Perform The Same, Income-Wise.

Usually, You see bloggers talk about how you can start your business/blog and with a niche that you’re passionate about and just go with it, give it your full effort and see yourself grow.

I mean if you’re really, really, reeeaaally passionate about something and you know what you are doing, then just go and kick asses! But most of the time, if you’re new and probably don’t know what the heck you’re doing, don’t choose any niche you wish. 

Sorry to burst your bubble but some niches are MEANT to make less money!

Surprised? I KNOOOOW.

For Example:

If I had a Yoga Teaching Blog. Making money from yoga will be pretty damn hard for me unless I start a yoga clothing line or a meditation music series or yoga courses. Yoga is good for traffic but terrible for money, even if you’re using ads, MILLIONS of pageviews a month will be required to make a decent income.


Let’s take my personal example-

My Blog is bi-niched i.e Finance/money management and blogging stuff. And I have almost equal blog posts in both the niches.

BUT I noticed,

The post published under the “Money and Finance” section receives around 3 TIMES MORE the traffic than that of “Blogging section, but the “Blogging  section makes 5 TIMES MORE money than the other. 

It does not mean that blogs about blogging are more popular than money and finances, rather it means that blogging about blogging is meant to make more money as there are more affiliate products to recommend/sell that are necessary to for blogging stuff.

So I guess niche does play some parts in more money making.


DISCLAIMER! DISCLAIMER!–I am, IN NO WAY, suggesting you to choose a specific area over other. I am just sharing my personal experiences. There are a lot of business/blogs that are thriving despite having a “NOT SO POPULAR ” niche. So, if you want to rock a specific niche, you have to make it work. 



6: Your “Free Time” Won’t EVER Be Enough

Regardless of whether you’re starting a blog, an online course, online store or any online business, you probably consider it as a side hobby, something you do in your free/spare time after your day jobs (or night shifts).


DON’T, If you want to succeed.

One thing I’ve noticed from those who are pretty successful in making money online is that they see it as a proper business from day 1, not just a hobby. And that means they put up the necessary time and investment in their business and work their ass off.

And if someone believes that they can fool the game with no or less time, capital and money investment, SORRY,but for me honestly, its a bit stupid.

That way you’re actually minimizing your chances of growing. Making money on the Internet is just as difficult as making money in any other type of business.  



7: Time ≠ Money

If you have been an employee for someone else, you probably have thought of working certain hours to earn a certain amount of money. So it conditions you to equate time to money. Right?

Working certain hours in the office, some other bonus stuff, overtime, holidays etc all factors can be used to calculate what figure your salary might be. 

But the problem arises when you do something entrepreneurial/business (online or offline),  you simply cannot equate time with money.

You can use a stupid strategy for a year, yet you may not see any cash flow. On the other hand, some people can build up an empire all by themselves in a matter of months because they know what to do and how to do it.

SOOOO…..Therefore there is no minimum or maximum time to bring a certain amount of income.

It all depends how efficiently you’re working. It is funny how people usually ask, “how much time does it take to build up a certain income working online?”

That is a very relative question buddy!

Time does not equal money. You can make money VERY fast online. Or you can never make a dime. Only you determine that. Not the clock.




Despite all the downsides, I am absolutely in LOVE with the idea of making money online! It provides you something far more than just money.

  • It may help you pay off your debt.
  • Give you extra time for your family.
  • It may help you reach your retirement soon.
  • It may help you leave your soul-sucking job.
  • It may help you pay for your dream vacation.
  • In short, it can grant you financial freedom.

All you have to do is to take it as “More Than Just A Hobby“. This post was definitely not to demotivate you or scare you in any ways. Rather going into it with your eyes open to some of these truths, you’ll be even more successful.

I believe,in a long run, it is better to have bitter truths than sugar-coated lies. Am I right?

Let me know in the comments what misconceptions you often hear about making money online? How do you keep yourself motivated? And most importantly, how far are you willing to go to make your online business thrive?


13 thoughts on “Brutal Truths About Making Money Online That Bloggers Don’t Tell”

  1. An amazing post and a joy to read. I have started my website/blog like literally a week ago and the struggle is real. When I was researching everything was so straight forward and when I finally started each and every step is full off problems to overcome and reading this reassured me I am on right track. Thank you!

    • Congratulations on your new blog! And I’m really glad you found it useful.

  2. A wonderful informative article, which helped me shed some myths about online business. You have enlightened us in a big way.You are true to your core.

  3. Great post and real truths. Trying to see the big picture when you’ve only just started is tough and I’ve found myself demotivated on days. You just have to keep on keeping on and make sure your efforts are invested in the right things. Everyone starts at zero.

  4. Thank you very much for standing out from all the hype promising to make me rich almost over night with minimal effort and so on. Despite not knowing exactly the what & how of my impending leap into online earning a living I do know that there is no way any of those pie in the sky promoters are telling it like it really is so thank you so much for shooting from the hip.

    • Thanks for such insight Edie!

  5. Awesome post and it’s hit home. I started my blog close to year ago. I went in blindly and I can relate to all the facts you’ve presented. It’s pretty lonely, I put in lots and lots of hours with minimal success at time. I have learned to be more efficient with the use of my time and always test and measure results, when I implement something. Learning is a constant.
    Great post indeed

    • Thanks for stopping by Panchalo! Yup, sometimes it gets lonely but you know what, I believe that this alone time is required to achieve something extraordinary! So I kinda dig it!

  6. Here’s a question for you which you might have answered it in another post on your blog but would you recommend spending hundreds to thousands of dollars on a blogging course?? Also, how much money would you say, does it typically take to start a blog?

    • Honestly speaking, everything you would need to know about starting a blog is on the internet for free, but if you think if a systematically compiled course will be more useful to you then I’ll say, go for it.
      Initially, try not to spend loads on buying things for your blog that you have no idea about. Start with the hosting and domain (Bluehost) and maybe a premium theme (I recommend Generatepress), and as you would start growing and making money, then you can invest in expanding your blog with professionally created courses. That would cost you around $200-$350 for a whole year.

  7. I have been super over the top discouraged with this entire “industry”, if you will, only having 60 some followers on Pinterest, and realistically not knowing a single solitary thing about blogging, writing, or social media creative websites. I have no read 4 of your blogs out loud and I can’t stop. This is definitely your niche. To say the least. Thank you for writing, thank you for keeping it real, and thanks for inspiring me today, I absolutely needed it. –morganne


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