15 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

15 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

15 Highest Paying Affiliate Programs For Bloggers
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Can a blog bring you a full-time income?

Well yeah! And if you use the right strategies you might get there in less than a year. 

In one of my previous blogs titled “20+ Bloggers Who Are Making $1000 to $300,000 Per Month“, I’ve mentioned some bloggers who are able to pull an obnoxious amount of money from their blogs each month.

Also, I’ve pointed out that there lies a common source of income that most of the bloggers are tied to, namely “Affiliate Marketing”

If you are really wanting to turn your blog into a business that brings you passive income on a regular basis, affiliate marketing is the way to go!

What the heck is Affiliate Marketing???

Well… When you refer people to buy somebody else’s products or services and they buy it with your offer link, a percentage of that sale money (Commission) is given to you. And that’s how you make money! 


Here are a few reasons, why Affiliate Marketing is a Bomb strategy to make money –

1: First of all, You don’t have to create ANY sort of product. 

2: Earning potential from Affiliate Marketing is UNLIMITED.

3: Some affiliate partners increases your Affiliate commissions if you bring a fixed threshold sales per month. (For example, Bluehost increases their affiliate their sale commision from $65 to about $125 per sale if you are able to bring around 5 to 10 sales per month). In this way, you can grow exponentially!

4: It’s totally FREE to apply and promote ( #1 PRO? )

Now let us see what are the most profitable affiliate programs you can use to monetize your blog an start your way to earn six t0 seven figures income from your blog –

1: Flex Offers

Flex Offers is one of THE best affiliate networks out there. Even brand new bloggers can get accepted as an affiliate if they own a website to promote on.

They have more than 12,000+ programs for affiliates, from which you can choose and promote no matter the niche that you are in. A clean User Interface and easy navigation dashboard is just the icing on top. You can also be able to see how much traffic or impressions you are getting from your offers and how much money you earn every single day. 

When it comes to supporting, Absolutely NO ghosting here!

The FlexOffers.com affiliate management team is ready to answer your questions and are always there to help you. They’ve been in this business for the last 10 years and have even won the 2016 top 10 best performing affiliate program.

One of the reasons why Flex offers is so popular among bloggers is that they have a worldwide payment option. It is a big deal, especially for people who are living outside the United States.




VigLink is not an affiliate program itself. It’s an innovative platform that connects thousands of merchants (including many big brands like Amazon, AliExpress etc.) with the relevant affiliate.

You don’t need to get signed up with any of the affiliate programs directly. VigLink takes care of everything by connecting and tracking affiliate links from all those affiliate networks automatically.



3: Impact

Impact is one of the top affiliate networks similar to flex offers. It is very easy to be a part of the Publisher’s network at Impact. Publishers have to fill in a simple online registration form with their contact information, website and company information and payment preference.

Unlike other affiliate marketing networks, Impact takes its own time to approve its publisher requests, which can b a little long ?

After you’re approved, you can choose from thousands of program in any niche possible (including affiliates for mobile apps)



4: Shareasale

Share-A-Sale is among the high paying affiliate programs that have been in business for over 18 years now. ShareASale is a major affiliate platform with 4000+ advertisers including several big brands.

It has been around for a long time and is among the most popular affiliate platforms on the web. They have a ton of pay-per-click and pay-per-sale offers that you can take advantage of. Whether your niche is fashion, cooking or gardening, you still are in the right place.

They have all sorts of affiliate programs to fit your type of audience.



5: CJ

CJ Affiliate by Conversant was re-branded a while back from Commission Junction. This one of the oldest affiliate programs that work with world’s best brands. Commission Junction (CJ) is a leading affiliate platform that has been around since 1998 and has 3000+ leading advertisers and brands on board.

Once you sign up, you will be assigned an affiliate manager who will help you get set up.

They pay once a month and have a $25 payout threshold.



6: Bluehost

Bluehost is a reputable web hosting company that’ll pay you around $65 for each referral you send. A super clean affiliate dashboard makes it really easy for you to navigate around according to your need.

Bluehost has one of a kind affiliate program that will allow you to increase your sale bounty if you send more than a specified number of referrals each month, which is around $125 per signup (for 5 to 10 signups per month).

 In fact, in 2015 alone, Bluehost had paid over $5 million to its affiliates.


7: iGain

iGain is an affiliate network just like Flex Offers but has one of the best Customer services than anyone else! They have a dedicated team ready to serve you 24/7!

Survey-based affiliate programs are most commonly found here.



8: Amazon Affiliate

Amazon Affiliate is probably THE biggest affiliate program with over a million of products to choose from to promote. Whether you are a large network, content site, social media influencer or blogger, they have simple linking tools to meet your advertising needs and help you monetize your website/blog.

You do this through the Amazon Associates affiliate program that can earn you up to 10% in advertising fees.

And that’s not all, if a person gets to a product page, through your link, but skips it and buys a different product or 10 totally unrelated products instead, you’ll still get a commission for that or those other products.

Now that’s a good affiliate deal right there



9: Rakuten Marketing Network

Rakuten Linkshare is one of the world’s top affiliate marketing platforms that has been operational since 1996 and has been ranked as the number 1 affiliate network for the last 7 years.

It has more than 1000 advertisers on board which includes global brands in all categories.

It also claims to have facilitated more than $100 million worth of orders in the last 12 month


10: Teachable

Teachable is an online teaching platform where you can create courses according to your specialization and sell them to millions of students. 

They will send you 30% recurring commissions for one full year, for all the new customers you send. The money you earn will be deposited straight to your PayPal account.



11: Convertkit


Convertkit is an email service provider (ESP), which is widely used by bloggers that pay 30% recurring commision for every customer they get through you.

That means if you send us an account worth $99/month, you’ll earn $30. Every month.



12: Awin

Awin is an affiliate network that gives a platform to advertisers and publishers to grow their online businesses. Awin has over 13,000 advertisers, 100,000 publishers and generated $148 million in 2017 alone.

With more than 260 affiliates joining their network every day, Awin has claimed its spot on one of the fastest growing affiliate networks.

The only condition is that you’ll have to pay $5 for registration, which is pretty cheap (If not totally free ?) considering how much you will be earning by joining Awin, so don’t hold back a good investment!




13: Ebates

Ebates is a cashback website. Every time you but something online Ebates gives you free cashback upon each successful purchase. If that was not enough then hear this,

As an affiliate, Ebates gives out $25 to you if you refer Ebates to your friends, family etc.

If they signup through your link, only then that’ll be considered as a successful referral. One thing is notable is that you don’t need a website to be an affiliate of Ebates, so even if you don’t have a website you can earn big!



14: Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a website that allows you o do several fun things like answers surveys, watch videos etc and you’re getting paid to do so! You can really use this site to get some money or you want to utilize your time to make or save money. You’ll get paid in Swagbucks which you can convert to PayPal cash.

Despite that Swagbucks has a unique referral program that will allow you to get 10% of all the Swag-points that your referrals will earn in their lifetime. You can redeem those points for gift cards or PayPal cash.

Get your hand on a continuous cash flow!



15: Shopify

Shopify is an e-commerce platform that allows one to create their online store and make money from it. Shopify is widely popular among the e-commerce domain.

Kylie Jenner who became Americas’ youngest Female Billionaire got her Billionaire title by selling Makeup in her online Shopify store (i.e kyliecosmetics dot com). Thus the power of Shopify!

Besides, that Shopify affiliates can earn up to 200% of a month’s Plan price which is

around 2 × $29 = $58 for the basic plan,

2 × $79 = $158 for Shopify 

and 2 × $299 = $598 for advanced Shopify pack.

Here comes the big catch, if you are able to signup someone to a Shopify Plus Plan, then you’ll receive a whopping $2000 commission straight to your account.

Just sign up for Shopify affiliate program then wait for your account to be approved. Once it’s been approved, a unique affiliate link will be sent to you.

Using that link you can promote Shopify to your audience. You can do this on your blog, on your social media or even in YouTube video. It is that simple!




Affiliate market is the easiest way to make passive income even while you’re asleep! So use it and don’t leave money on the table while visitors are on your website!

While choosing an Affiliate program there are a few things you have to keep in mind –

  • Do they provide good customer support?
  • What are their commision rates and how often do they pay?
  • Does their payment method align with yours?
  • Is this particular program relevant to your niche?

Other than that, you need to disclose that you are using affiliate links in your blogs every time you do. This is not just a suggestion, THIS IS A RULE! Or else FTC may decide to take legal actions against your website. If you follow this simple rule you’re good to go!

So let’s bring your A-Game and make your way to full-time income!

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