7 Things I Did To Save $5000 In 6 Months

7 Things I Did To Save $5000 In 6 Months (save money) pinterest Image
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Sometimes all it takes is a Cold Breeze of “spending guilt” to make you realize that “Hmmm…maybe Its time To save money”.

That’s exactly happened to me when I realized that I’ve spent WASTED thousands of bucks over the last few years shopping useless stuff.

And somehow I haven’t given it a second thought until now.

What bugs me the most is that most of that stuff weren’t even an absolute necessity for me.

Then why the hell did I buy those? 

Simple, “It seemed pretty cool, man!”.

The same happens while eating out too frequently (which can be more frequent than you ever realize), spending hundreds of dollars on entertainment, holding onto an unused paid gym membership for too long etc.

All these little things add up and before you know it, have of your income is gone! *whoosh*

Here’s a tip:

When you make a purchase online, have you ever noticed that most sites will allow you to have your credit card information retained for future purchases? 

 DON’T AUTO-SAVE YOUR CHECKOUT (credit card or debit card) DETAILS

This way you’ll the twice or thrice before making the purchase. And you’ll save hundreds of bucks from not buying useless stuff unless you absolutely need it, of course! It helped me a lot!

Well, enough discussing on my spending habits.

Money Saving, in general, is what I’ve been working on really hard lately for the past year and probably a good habit to cultivate and use in daily life. So here are some of the ways I’ve personally used (most of them) to save some money–

1: I Started Using These To Save Money Every Time I Shop Online

If you shop online like me (and who doesn’t??), these tools are a lifesaver! All the tools listed below are totally FREE to use.

1) Ebates – How would you feel if you can get a cash back EVERYTIME you buy something online? Well, That’s exactly what Ebates does. You really don’t have to pay any additional fee to get a cashback. It is that simple! Sign up now!

2) Honey  – Honey is a browser extension that allows you to automatically scan and applies the best coupon code at checkout so that allows you actually pay less than before.

Show me the money, Honey! (Sorry I couldn’t help myself?)

3) Drop – With Drop, turn those everyday debit and credit card purchases into rewards. Simply spend at your favorite stores, and start earning. As you spend, watch your Drop points add up. Redeem them for rewards at your favorite stores in a tap. 


2: I Put My Extra Cash Into Good Use

Have some extra cash saved? Put it to a good use. INVEST!

If you really want to speed up your earning engine, beyond just a savings account, consider becoming an investor with Lending Club

By investing with Lending Club, your money goes towards issuing different types of loans to other people that help that’ll help them get out of debt, start businesses, get auto loans and finance or medical care.

To be clear, Your money isn’t going anywhere. Rather your money will be growing incredibly fast. Lending Club offers a competitive average return of 5.06 to 8.74%.

And 97% of investors who have applied and invested with Lending Club have seen positive returns.



  • Peer-to-peer lending, which matches borrowers with investors
  • $25 minimum investment
  • Average returns between 5.06% and 8.74%
  • Personal loans up to $40,000; Business loans up to $300,000; Medical loans up to $50,000
  • Best suited for good-credit borrowers and investors wanting to make money


Better start investing now and boost money for your retirement.



3: I Put My Extra Time Into Good Use Too

Has this ever happened to you?

You start watching an episode in Netflix and somehow you binge for 5 hours. * That’ll be me!*.

But now I don’t feel guilty about it anymore, because while mindlessly watching episodes I make real money. Paid Survey sites such as Swagbucks, Vindale Research and Survey Junkie allow you to answer super easy peasy things and lets you make money.

I am lowkey addicted!

There are a lot of Survey Sites you can try but these three are my personal favorite–


4: Considered Gym alternatives


There! I said it!

And it almost kills me to pay for gym memberships. While searching for alternate ways to be fit and healthy I stumbled upon an app called Aaptiv and it saved me a hell lot of money.

It has an army of personal trainers ?  living inside your smartphone. For $9.99 a month, you can have access to a giant library of workouts that are updated regularly.

There are guided workouts for everything from outdoor running, indoor (treadmill) running, strength and core training, elliptical, yoga, meditation and many more. There a quite a few trainers to make you motivate you to lose those extra pounds and make your workout a bit more exciting.

Get the app FREE for 30 days

Good thing I canceled my gym membership! NO REGRETS!


5: Opened A Savings Account With Higher Interest Rate

Where do you keep your hard earned money? Probably in the bank, right? Savings account maybe?

But the question is how much faster is it actually growing? 

After a lot of research and a fellow bloggers’ recommendation, I came to know about CIT bank. Seems like a normal bank but CIT Bank is unlike any other “Traditional” banks out there.

CIT Bank offers 1.55 APY (  annual percentage yield) which is 6 times what other competitive banks offers which is again 25 times higher than the national average.

I don’t know what rock I been under this whole time not knowing about this!

Plus, no minimum opening deposit and no monthly fees are two rare perks that were surprisingly hard to come by with other banks.



6: Decluttered And Sold A Bunch Of Old Stuff

I have had a pretty old habit of collecting stuff: Stuff from my childhood, stuff from school, old tools, an old smartphone,  ancient video games that are obsolete today, just all kind of stuff in general. And I was not willing to get rid of anything anytime soon. But I had to, to save money!

Plus my closet was no less than Narnia!

I didn’t even need those anymore. While searching for ways to get rid of them I simply ignored the idea of selling it because who would buy that much junk? Boy, was I wrong?

After a trusted recommendation I tried Decluttr

My favorite thing about the Decluttr app is that you can simply scan any item that has a barcode using your smartphone and get an immediate offer from buyers.

And For the closet situation, eBay baby!


7: Made Money Losing Weight


Yes, you read it right! I kid you not! I was pretty skeptical at first too. There is a program called Healthywage Wellness Challenge, that literally pays you to lose weight.

I used to do similar challenges like this with my friends once in a while, only if I had known sooner I could have won $10,000! *ugh*!

Sooo…How can you apply?

All you have to do is Join the program then you’ll have to put up the collateral. You conduct your weigh-ins. You choose your weight-loss goal and time frame. If you achieve your weight-loss goal, HealthyWage will pay you the prize you selected…up to $10,000! 

And P.S–It’s totally legit! Since its birth in 2009, HealthyWage has been featured by some of the popular news and media sources, including Good Morning AmericaNPR, and NBC’s Today Show.

Now, this is what I call “Hitting two birds with one stone“!



There are literally tons of ways you can save money, but the key is to be patient and persistent!

When it comes to saving money, focussing only on one thing won’t help! The ONLY thing I learned from saving so much money over the past year is that it isn’t just one thing that you need to do.

For me, I was able to save over $5,000 by doing a lot of small things that added up over time.

Little by little, every day!

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