Introvert? Don’t like people? Here are 30 Best Jobs Where You Work Alone

Work From Home Jobs

There might be different reasons for different people to look for jobs where you can work alone and are completely independent about what and how they work.

For some, this might be due to being an introvert and not wanting to interact with others or you have social anxiety.

And for others, this might be due to the fact that they have experienced a toxic work culture before and want to avoid it altogether, at any cost.

Or you just hate people in general, in which case, SAME (on some really sh*tty days 😆).

And yes, also because of what happened in 2020, there was quite a surge in work from home jobs, and quite a few people kinda got used to this type of setting.

Anyways, whatever reason you might have for leaning towards wanting to work alone, you can find a few good opportunities to make that happen.

And in this post, you’ll find a curated list of jobs that will help you find your next gig.

Although it is difficult to find exactly according to your personal requirements, there are ways to get such gigs that don’t need you to leave the comfort of your bed, one of which I am doing myself (blogging), more of that discussed later.

Also, while looking for such jobs, one may encounter frauds and scams where they ask for you to pay a certain fee upfront or they offer something that sounds too good to be true, which you want to avoid

And honestly, at times it becomes really difficult to differentiate between the scams and the legit ones.

So, I have looked through every single option to produce only the legit ones in the list below.

But, before we get on with the list of potential jobs, let’s understand why jobs, where you work alone, are in demand.

Why Jobs Where You Work Alone Are Perfect?

Many people look for jobs where you work alone from home for different reasons. But yes, it does have some advantages over full-time office-based jobs, and those are as follows:

  • Better & Focused Work: You can work without any distractions. All you need is a quiet corner of your house, and you are all set to do your job. You won’t even need to leave the comfort of your home.
  • Lesser Stress Factor: If colleagues and coworkers in an office setup surround you, you feel more pressure and more competitiveness that can hamper the overall productivity. WFH jobs can effectively eliminate those additional stress.
  • Better Flexibility: You are your boss in most of the WFH jobs. You will not only have the freedom to choose your work schedule, but you are also free from any hectic deadlines.

The Best Jobs That Don’t Involve Working With People

Get this straight; there are no jobs that don’t involve working with people until you work from a space station.

But yes, many jobs need limited human interactions. Some of those are as follows:

  • Creative Works: Various creative genres like writing, designing, and editing need minimal human interaction.
  • Freelance Jobs: There are ways to earn money even from your home and just through your smartphone. Works like online surveys and data entry are classic examples.

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High Paying Jobs That Pay You to Work Alone From Home

1. Blogging

There is no better option than to start your blog if you are looking for jobs where you work alone from home. It will not only just give you freedom, but fame and money come hand-in-hand in this lucrative profession.

You don’t need any particular skill or educational qualification to kickstart your journey as a blogger. Instead, you need a fabulous screen presence, attractive personality, and zeal to make exciting content.

There are options like Adsense and Mediavine from where you can get native ads for your blog.

And according to the current estimate, you can make around $50k/year if you take it seriously.

But yes, you may find it a bit hard to initiate your blog for the first time. Don’t worry at all, and follow the step-by-step guide to set up a money-making blog to start your blogging legacy.

2. Proofreading

If you have a firm grip on language with a proper understanding of grammar, proofreading can be among the best jobs where you work alone.

From international magazines to global media houses, you can bag six-digit salaries as a proofreader.

Although you don’t need any specific academic qualification if you take it as a part-time opportunity, you surely need at least a graduation in language-related subjects to bag a better-paying full-time opportunity.

According to Salary Explorer, a person working as a Proofreader in United States typically earns around 73,100 USD per year.

So, it is not very difficult to make around $60k/year on average as a proofreader. However, there are even high-paying proofreading jobs available where you can fetch as much as $150k/year.

But to make such earnings, you need the right guidance from the right guru. Caitlin Pyle, the unsung maestro of the proofreading industry, came forward to help budding proofreaders like you.

She has introduced her 76-minute free mini-course on proofreading to kickstart your journey. She has already mentored more than 12k successful proofreaders around the globe.

So, you better not miss this chance!

3. Bookkeeping

Are you good with numbers? Do you like to maintain accounts? If the answers are yes, bookkeeping can give you serious money.

Even if you don’t like working as a full-time employee, you can surely start working as a virtual bookkeeper as well.

But you do need to have at least a bachelor’s degree in accountancy or finance to enter this profession. Besides, you also need to have excellent skills in accountancy software like Tally ERP and QuickBooks.

There are websites like Belay Solutions and ClickNWork where you can easily make around $25/hour working as a remote bookkeeper on a part-time basis.

However, many projects can even fetch up to $75/hour. But to do that, you need to know the inside secrets.

Ben Robinson, one of the highly-acclaimed bookkeepers and the founder of, launched his three-part free bookkeeping series to clear all your doubts.

Besides, this free mini-course will help you enter this industry and grab some high-paying clients.

4. Freelance Writer

If you have a flair for creative writing, becoming a freelance writer can be among the best jobs where you work alone, having no experience at all.

You also don’t need to work on a full-time basis as more than 63% of writers work independently around the globe.

You need two things to start your journey as a freelance writer. First, you need to have a firm grip over the language. And second, you must have excellent grammatical, syntactical, and punctuational prowess.

The current average income lies around $65k/year for talented writers. However, several high-paying writing jobs are also available to earn around $5k/month, even as a newbie in this field.

But to grab legit clients, you need to learn the right approach.

Holly Johnson has already mastered this craft and helped thousands of budding writers like you. And now, she has also introduced her completely free workshop of freelance writing to let you know about all the inside secrets.

5. Affiliate Marketers

Surprising it may sound, affiliate marketing is one such job where you work alone without a degree and still make millions.

Yes, all you need is to refer a product or service to your friends, family, colleagues, followers, and audience to bag a little cut from the profit.

And the best part, you don’t need any specific academic qualification to start this journey. Instead, you need strong communication skills and the right knowledge to properly analyze the market to fetch the perfectly-suited products.

As a beginner, you can expect around $100 to $300/day if you select the right products to market.

However, many people around the globe even earn up to $5k/month just as an affiliate marketer. But to make such money, you need to follow the right path.

And to help you, Michelle introduced her free mini-course on affiliate marketing after tasting success all by herself.

You will learn all the golden formulas to shoot your affiliate marketing earning from $0 to $50k/month within a few weeks.

6. Transcription

As a transcriber, you are entitled to convert an audio or video file into an editable text file by manually typing it out. And it is among the highest-paying jobs where you work alone from your home.

You need two qualities to shine in this industry. First, you need excellent hand-ear coordination to type fast and accurately while listening. And second, you need at least 65 WPM typing speed with a minimum of 95% accuracy.

You can easily bag around $20/hour on average as a freelance transcriber. But there are many legit online transcription jobs available around the globe that can make you up to $5k/month without working day and night.

But to bag such a high amount, you need professional guidance.

And to help people like you, one of the highly-acclaimed transcribers and mentor, Janet Shaughnessy, introduced her 7-lesson free mini-course on transcription to help you scale from 0 to $5k/month in no time.

7. Become A Virtual Assistant

The industry of virtual assistance is constantly scaling up as more and more companies are now looking for remote workers to minimize their employer’s burden.

You need to do regular small jobs as a VA like booking an appointment, scheduling a phone call, taking notes, and similar things.

Although you don’t need any specific academic qualification, you surely need three things. First, you need to have excellent communication skills. Second, you should have sufficient computer knowledge. And third, you must be good at English to communicate with clients.

It is not very difficult to make around $15/hour as a VA. However, several high-paying VA jobs assure a minimum of $20/hour even to a beginner in this industry.

But if you aim even higher, there is a way to do that tested by pros in this industry.

And, you can learn that craft to kickstart your virtual assistance business within a month by joining the free Virtual Assistance webinar by one of the top-rated VA, Gina Horkey.

Don’t miss this opportunity to know all the inside secrets of this profession.

8. Voice Over Work

If you have a Morgan Freeman-like voice quality, becoming a voice-over artist can be among the best jobs where you work alone and still makes six-figure each month. You can either become a freelance VO artist or can start your journey of creating audiobooks.

You don’t need any specific academic qualifications. Instead, you need the right texture and voice quality to suit this profession. If you have excellent communication skills with a zeal to learn new things, it can be even better for you.

The potential earning can be from $20/hour to even $200/hour, depending on your skillset and experience in the voice-over industry.

But yes, you can expect around $50k to $90k/year on average. And to do that, you need to learn several other market crafts besides having a great voice.

One of the most successful voice-over actresses and Audible-approved producers, Julie Eickhoff, recently introduced her free mini-course on voice-over.

In this course, you will learn how to improve your VO skill and also learn the art of dealing with high-paying clients.

9. Teach English Online

The demand for learning English is constantly rising in Asian countries like China and Japan.

And now, you can grab this opportunity to make big without vesting much effort each day. All you need is to teach English to international students via online classes.

Most companies offering high-paying online teaching jobs need you to have at least a master’s degree in English language or language-related subjects.

Besides, if you have any teaching certificates, it can be an added advantage for you. You can expect around $40/hour on average, although many online teachers earn much more.

VIPKid is one such website where you can expect to make up to $80/hour on average, although the average lies around $22/hour even for beginners.

Besides, you can also try websites like Magic Ears to earn around $25/hour. But remember, you may need to work late at night and even on holidays while teaching online.

Entry- Level or Part-time Jobs Where You Work Alone

10. Dog Walker

If you love animals and looking for entry-level jobs where you work alone, dog walking can be the ideal option for you.

It is one of the coolest jobs with animals where you can earn while playing with adorable pups and doggies.

You don’t need any special training or qualification other than having unconditional love for the animals.

However, it can be an added advantage if you have a dog handling or training certificate. Even if you don’t have one, you can try websites like Rover.

The current average salary of a pet handler is around $36k/year, according to a new report.

However, you can expect about $15/hour on average while working for websites like Rover and WagWalking.

11. Online Surveys

You need just a basic computer setup with a broadband connection to start earning from online surveys.

Besides, it is one of the easy jobs where you work alone from home. However, there are very few platforms that assure legit surveys. And those are as follows.

  • Pinecone Research: A typical survey here takes just five minutes to complete. And for that, you can fetch around $5/survey on average. They now pay globally through PayPal.
  • Opinion Outpost: You can make around 10 points/survey on average, although they mainly provide short questionnaires. But yes, you need 100 points ($5) before submitting a withdrawal request.
  • Inbox Dollars: It will take around 10 minutes to complete a typical survey here. And for that, you can fetch around $5/survey on average. Besides, it also offers s $5 signup bonus.
  • Survey Junkie: It is among the very few websites that now offer up to $75/survey, although the average lies around $2 to $5/survey. This company has a minimum payout limit of $10.
  • Opinion City: you can make up to $50/survey while working for this company. Besides, you can also claim your $1 signup bonus while joining for the first time.

12. Data Entry Operator

Data entry is the grand old daddy of the freelance job market. However, it is now heavily saturated, and it is challenging to get high-paying data entry jobs as a beginner. But yes, it is one of the most accessible jobs where you work alone.

You need to have an excellent typing speed, preferably more than 45 WPM with 98% accuracy. Besides, you should also have an updated computer setup with broadband connectivity to get started.

According to a recent report, the average salary of a full-time data entry operator now lies around $34k/year. But as a part-time worker, you can expect to make around $10/hour on average.

13. House Sitting

Many people travel a lot for business, work, or solely for recreational purposes.

And those people need someone to take proper care of their homes while they are not there. You can now become a house sitter and make use of these opportunities.

Although you don’t need any specific academic qualification, you should have a decent personality and quick problem-solving skills. It will be even better if you know basic repairing and maintenance work.

Right now, you can expect to make around $15/hour on average as a house sitter. However, there are websites like TrustedHousesitters where you can get much better payouts.

14. Babysitting

One of the most sort-after professions for teens, babysitting is among the jobs where you work alone with toddlers and kids.

You can think of it as playtime with adorable babies with the advantage of money-making.

You should have a pleasant and calming personality to become a good babysitter. Besides, you should also have basic medical skills like CPR and first aid to enhance your credibility.

You can expect around $10 to $15/hour on average in tier-1 countries like the USA and Canada. However, there are several legit babysitting jobs where you can earn much more than that.

Jobs Where You Work Alone Outside

15. Food Delivery Driver

Food delivery becomes a lucrative profession since fast-food chains like Domino’s and Pizza Hut started delivering their delicious dishes directly to the customer’s house.

So, you can become a food delivery driver to make handsome earning. You must have your vehicle (preferably a bike) to start this work.

Although you don’t need any specific academic qualification, you should have excellent communication skills with the correct understanding of customer handling.

You can expect around $30k/year on average as a food delivery driver. However, there are websites like Postmates and DoorDash that pay up to $20/hour plus attractive incentives.

16. Instacart Shopper

Although it is a new kid on the blog, Instacart Shopping is one of the most lucrative professions if you are looking for jobs where you work alone.

It is also among the only few legit online jobs that pay through PayPal throughout the world.

You can either be a full-time shopper or an in-store shopper. And in both cases, you don’t need any specific qualification other than basic computer knowledge.

However, you do need your vehicle to become a full-time shopper. Right now, this company pays around $15/hour on average. However, this profession has the scope to earn tips from customers.

17. Ride Share Services

Co-working, ride-sharing, community living; people are now going towards a cumulative path of life.

And if you want to follow that same trend, you can start sharing your ride for monetary benefits. You need your vehicle to start; that’s all!

There are websites like Lyft and Uber where you can register your vehicle, select your preferred route, and start sharing your ride. But yes, you need to have your vehicle’s paper updates.

Right now, you can make around $1k to $3k/month on average while sharing your ride. Additionally, companies like Lyft also offer an all-in-one insurance policy from GEICO.

Jobs Where You Work Alone Without a Degree

18. Graphic Designer

Nothing can be as rewarding as graphic designing if you have a creative mind and fondness for creating new arts.

Besides, it is among the most lucrative jobs where you work alone from home and creates exciting art pieces and illustrations.

It is all right if you don’t have a degree. But, if you want to take it as a full-time profession, it is better to get at least a graduation degree in design.

Besides, you should also have expertise in designing software like PhotoshopCanva, and Lightroom.

You can expect around $55k/year on average if you make this a full-time profession. But there are several high-paying freelance designing jobs also available that pay up to $85k/year.

19. Social Media Manager

Becoming a social media manager can be equally lucrative and rewarding if you have the right skillset. It can be even more rewarding to have a strong social media presence to influence your followers while marketing a product or service.

You need at least a bachelor’s degree in any discipline if you want to take it as a full-time profession.

Besides, several certification courses are available on social media and digital marketing that can also give you a significant boost.

You can make around $50k/year on average on a full-time job. But, there are websites like ModSquad and 99 Dollar Social where you can even get up to $80k/year on several projects.

20. Photographer

Photographers are equally famed and high-paying for ages due to their creative skills.

And in this digital age, it is becoming even more lucrative as more and more people are now taking up money-making hobbies as their profession.

Although you don’t need any academic qualification to become a photographer, you surely need quite a high initial investment to buy cameras, lenses, and other equipment.

According to a recent report by Indeed, the average income lies around $45k/year.

However, you can make many folds if you sell your photographs independently on platforms like iStockPhotosGetty Images, and other stock photography sites.

21. Web Designer

The scope for web designing is constantly expanding as more and more companies are now looking for their online presence. And you can now grab this opportunity to make some serious money.

You should have a degree in web designing or UI/UX, as most companies look for a bachelor’s degree for their full-time positions.

Besides, you should also have an understanding of various CMS like WordPress. You can expect around $75k/year on average as a full-stack web designer.

However, top-rated web designers earn as much as $150k/year. But if you take it solely as a side hustle, you can expect around $30/hour on average.

22. Copywriting

Copywriting is among the very few jobs where you work alone from your home. But you do need to have creativity, an understanding of the consumer market, and basic SEO skills to become a top-rated copywriter.

From marketing taglines to ad scripts, from book descriptions to social media captions, copywriting covers a vast area.

Although you need just the right flair in writing, many companies look for candidates with at least a graduation degree in language-related subjects.

You can expect around $25/hour on average as a newbie in the copywriting field. However, professional copywriters even earn up to $1/word.

23. Translation

If you have expertise in any other language besides your mother tongue, there is no better option for you than becoming a part-time or a full-time translator.

You need a single thing to shine in this translation industry, and that is having impeccable skills in at least two languages. However, many companies prefer a graduation degree in any one of these languages.

You can easily fetch around $15 to $20/hour on average while working as a part-time translator.

And if you opt for a full-time one, there are many legit online translation jobs available that assures up to $30/hour.

24. Video Editor

The demand for a good video editor is rising rapidly as many companies now look for talented editors to create stunning videos for their marketing campaigns.

It is among the very few jobs where you work alone and don’t need any specific academic qualification. Instead, you should have excellent skills in editing software like Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Right now, the average income lies around $40k to $60k/year if you take this as a full-time opportunity. However, you can try websites like VieditUscreen, and Tongal to look for freelance projects.

Jobs Where You Alone Near Me

25. Sanitation Worker

If you are looking for the best ways to make extra money without special skills, becoming a sanitation worker can be the best choice for you.

You mainly need to collect trash from your specified routes. It is better if you have driving prowess as most sanitation works require you to drive garbage trucks and collect trash.

In tier-1 countries like the USA, the average income for a sanitation worker lies around $32k/year. But sadly, there is no part-time opportunity in this particular sector.

26. Truck Driver

Trucking is one of the most lucrative jobs where you work alone while traveling in various places with your cargo assignments.

But to become a truck driver, you first need to go through an extensive driving and cargo handling program. And then, you should obtain your CDL (commercial driver’s license).

You can make around $46k/year on average while taking this as a full-time profession. Even if you take it solely as a part-time opportunity, you can easily make around $30/hour on average.

27. Snow Removal Or Landscape

Snow landscaping or snow removal is one of the most sort-after professions in colder climates. You can either do this independently or can start your landscaping business.

Although you don’t need any academic qualifications, you do need some special equipment and machinery to do this job. Besides, you also need to register your business and get your license.

Right now, it is pretty easy to make around $15/hour on average. However, the national average lies around $30k to $50k/year for the full-time snow removing profession.

28. Vehicle Detailer

If you are looking for trade jobs where you work alone, you should consider vehicle detailing as your primary profession.

You mainly need to deep-clean the exterior and interior of cars. Besides, you can also provide some vinyl detailing services. But yes, you do need to have detailing training for that.

You can expect up to $125/vehicle for a medium-sized one and up to $150/vehicle for SUVs or larger vehicles

29. House Cleaner

There is no better option than becoming a certified house cleaner if you are looking for domestic or medical jobs where you work alone.

First, you need to have special cleaning equipment. And second, many companies and households also prefer cleaners with proper training. So, you should also have that.

According to the current report by Indeed, the national average lies around $12 to $15/hour. However, many cleaners charge up to $100/hour.

30. Postal Worker

Becoming a postal worker can be among the ideal jobs where you work alone.

You need at least a GED or high-school diploma to become eligible for this job. Besides, postal offices often have a nationwide or state-wise entrance system.

You can expect around $20/hour on average. However, there are many WFH companies that pay weekly and also provide these postal assignments that pay as high as $25/hour.


Although all the jobs where you work alone seem lucrative, you need to select wisely depending on your skillset.

Suppose you have an excellent typing speed; you should stick to data entry or online surveys. And if you have creative skills, you can venture into fields like writing and graphic designing.

So, that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to send us your opinion in the comment box below!

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