Blog Income Report: How I made $9482 in December 2020

Blog Income Report: How I made $9482 in December 2020

Hey there πŸ‘‹,

Welcome to the blog income report of December 2020, where I made over $9400 off of this blog while enjoying my holidays.

If you’re fairly new to this blog, I am Sayan Neogie, owner/founder of this website, where I write content mostly about personal finances and starting a business.

And on the series of blog posts titled “Blog income report,” I share my monthly income through the very blog you’re reading and talk about significant changes/updates that happened over that period.

Firstly, let me start things off by saying, “Congratulations on surviving 2020“. I guess we can all use some cheer and excitement after that nightmare of a year.

Last year was pretty challenging, to say the least, and I really hope no one will have to witness that in their lifetime ever again.

To be completely honest with you, I was hoping to break the $10K threshold in blog income by the end of 2020. But obviously, you can see that I missed that mark by a few hundred.

I guess, due to the “2020 situation”, people had to stay at home, so obviously, they weren’t spending as much as they used to. And due to shutdowns, businesses (both big & small) faced customer issues or lack thereof.

Many became….how do I say itEconomically Cautious !?!? And very mindful of the things they were spending their hard-earned money on.

So obviously, that impacted various businesses negatively, which explains the decline in overall revenue in various industries.

Having said that, $9482 is still a considerable number. I am beyond grateful for the gradual growth of this blog since I started it as a side hustle.


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I graduated from college in 2020, and to be able to make this much right out of college is really something *pat on the back*, and I am so excited to share this income report with you!

Speaking of which,

Why do I publish my income reports?

I am not the only one who does that; many bloggers share their income and their blog updates on a monthly basis. On YouTube, too, I’ve seen quite a few videos where creators share their income journey.

But the question remains, why though?

For me, the income reports are a reflection of the journey so far, the monthly progress of a brand new blogger, an inexperienced college student who just wanted to build a full-time income stream.

And thus, I wanted to share all that it took me to make this happen.

Publishing an income report isn’t about bragging about the income, not at all.

Nobody wants to share something that is so personal and potentially vulnerable to their competitors just to show off. These kinds of “inside peek” blog posts often come with some surprising benefits.

For example, I’m publishing these income reports for two primary reasons:

  1. To motivate you
  2. To motivate me

Let me explain…

1. It motivates people

It’s no secret that people are largely motivated by results!

Are you ever inspired by a tiring workout? Probably not, you are inspired to have a well-shaped body which is the end result, and thus you work out.

It’s not the process that gets people moving but the euphoric feeling to have achieved the end goal that motivated them to start in the first place.

Hence, I share my results to motivate you!

And if, after seeing my results, you do decide to start your own blog, I’ll say this article served its purpose well.

In my case too, my first impression of this whole blogging industry was through an income report of a wildly successful blogger who had 6-figures in her monthly income reports.

And that was enough to start my very own blog.

Witnessing someone make hundreds of thousands of dollars in a month working for nobody but themselves really gave me a strong dose of motivation.

I wanted those results and the financial freedom that comes with it.

By giving you the inside scoop on what a blog really makes (which is usually kept under wraps) by giving you those exact income digits, it’ll show you what is really possible and hopefully motivate you enough to start your own blog.

2. It motivates me to be better

Publishing my progress and the journey online for people to read also benefits me in specific ways.

Sure, I make a little ad income every time people read through an article like this, but that’s not the most valuable thing I’m acquiring here.

When I have a like-minded community that monitors and analyses my progress over time, it makes me do things more sincerely and responsibly. And this makes me want to give my 110% in everything I do on this blog.

In short, It keeps me in check when it comes to slacking off.

Moreover, it will help me to keep track of the blog like a well-sorted document and how far the blog has come in terms of growth, both readers and income.

Now let’s jump right into the income breakdown of December 2020.

The Income Breakdown: $9482

Mediavine Ad Income $6756
Affiliate Income
– Bluehost$2560
– Proofread Anywhere$149.1
– Survey Sites$13.4
– Flex Offers$4

First, let’s talk about ad income,

As you may or may not know but income through ads whether it being on a blog post or a YouTube video or anywhere else, tends to be a little higher during the holiday season.

Brands and companies tend to spend more on ads because this the time people do a lot of shopping. And thus the RPM (rate per millie) or CPM (cost per millie) is generally the highest compared to the rest of the year,

p.s. RPM is a representation of how much money 1000 views make. (Millie= Thousand) So if the RPM is $25, and I got 10,000 views, my income would be (25*10,000/1000) $250.

From January 2020 to October 2020, I had an average session RPM of about $24.74. In December, that number jumped to over $51.3, which is a little more than double.

December had almost the same amount of traffic as September but,

  • Ad income for September – $3289
  • Ad income for December – $6756

These RPM numbers are hard to get if you’re not with a premium ad network such as Mediavine. I got accepted in Mediavine on May 2019, and I don’t think I will ever change this ad network for obvious reasons.

So if you ever start a blog or already have a blog, aim for at least 50,000 sessions per month and apply on Mediavine to avail such a high pay rate.

Next comes, Affiliate income:

I feel like my affiliate game isn’t as strong as I want it to be. This something I would like to improve from this point on.

Income from Bluehost is quite substantial and because of December’s performance, I got a commission bump. Yay!!!

Moving on, here’s a monthly income progress over time for quick comparison.

Blog Expenses for December 2020

Blog Hosting$34.95
Email Service Provider$99
Canva Pro$12.95

My expenses are pretty much same every month for keeping this blog up and running.

Net profit: ($9482.5 – $146.9)

+ $9,335.6

Income Proof:

1. Mediavine

2. Bluehost

2. Proofread Anywhere

Traffic stats:

158,457 Pageviews (+31.79% since November 2020)

131,705 Sessions (+33.15% since November 2020)

In December 2020, this blog has witnessed the best month in terms of traffic to date.

As I’ve already mentioned in my previous income reports, I get more than 90% of the overall traffic from Pinterest. And I would very much like to diversify the traffic sources.

Slowly and steadily, I am implementing SEO strategies to improve my search traffic from Google.

Traffic from Google was on the rise this year,

  • August 2020: 600
  • September 2020: 854
  • October 2020: 1420
  • November 2020: 1640

But then a major algorithm update took place around the beginning of December, and as a result, my google traffic dropped a bit.

Only 1352 visitors on December!

This is just part of the process I guess. I will be implementing a few SEO tactics (mentioned below) and will update you every month in these income reports. Stay tuned!

On the fence about starting a blog?

You should go for it, here’s why!

Building a personal brand not only helps you make money but it might drive to financial freedom. To not be able to depend on others and/or not having to tolerate your 9 to 5 just to make a living is the definition of time and money freedom.

Other perks about blogging are:

  • You don’t need any technical or coding knowledge prior to starting a blog
  • Starting a blog is super cheap (only $2.95 a month)
  • You can create your blog on any topic you like or passionate about, ANYTHING!
  • Create a passion project under your own name ( Example: I’ve started mine, mentioned below)
  • High-income potential (a lot of established bloggers make over $100,000 a month)
  • What do you have to lose? (other than those $2.95/month, some coffees are more expensive than this)

Here’s how to start your own blog in 10 minutes:

Open a new tab, follow this step-by-step guide on starting a blog. It’s that easy!

Blog updates & Goals for 2021:

Since I am diving deep into the whole SEO thing after enrolling in the “Stupid simple SEO” course by Mike Pearson.

I will be doing a whole lot of page changes, category assortments, and adding new navigation friendly pages to the blog to improve the overall SEO.

So the Homepage and a few other category pages will change soon. I am trying to make the Google search algorithm happy, y’all!

New website/blog alert:

I’ve been thinking about starting another blog for quite a while now which will encompass topics such as productivity talk, overcoming procrastination, personal growth, my life updates, etc.

And during the last days of December, starting that blog was added to my resolution list. So may I present to you my brand new blog πŸ–₯

But fair warning, there is literally nothing on the blog right now. If you tap the link, you’ll see nothing but a “coming soon” banner. I haven’t done anything with it yet as I just bought the domain and hosting on Jan 1.

Update: is live!

The reason why I chose personal development as the main niche is that I am fascinated by Personal Development.

I have been watching a lot of personal development content made by YouTube creators such as Matt D’Avella, Ali Abdul, Thomas Frank, etc. They have taught me a whole lot of things that helped me grow.

And I guess it’s safe to say that “I am hooked” in personal development. Anything to do with improving oneself, productivity, overcoming procrastination, financial freedom, etc, I am more than interested.

So yeah, over time will be loaded with practical, useful, and actionable personal development stuff, tried and tested by yours truly.

Let’s talk goals for 2021:

The numbers mentioned below are the goal numbers that I would like to reach before 2022 hits.

  • Monthly Traffic goals: 350,000
  • Monthly Income goal: $20,000
  • New blog post addition: 100
  • Total email Subscribers: 20,000

This might seem a little crazy but whatever, I think I should always set my goals higher so that I’ll try my best to reach that goal and if I fail to do so, I will still be doing better than the original goal.

Does that make sense?

That’s it, folks!

Thank you so much for reading, if you’re able to reach the end of this page, you’re the real OG and I am really grateful to have you!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or something you want to let me know, feel free to comment down and I’ll get back to you.

See you next time! Byeeeeeeee…

31 thoughts on “Blog Income Report: How I made $9482 in December 2020”

  1. I’ve been a huge fan of your blog, I enjoy reading all the financial advice you give out. Your income reports are a great motivation for me. You have such great success using Pinterest. What is your Pinterest strategy, how many times do you post a day, etc?

    • Thank you for your kind words, Taylor!
      My Pinterest strategy hasn’t changed for over a year and a half now: I make new pins and share them across most of my boards. The number of times pins each day is not a fixed number but it generally hovers between 20 to 40 pins a day!

  2. Hey. Great month for you – well done. Hope you achieve your goals for this year!

    You say most of your traffic comes from Pinterest. How many times a day do you post?

    • Thanks, Adam!
      It varies but usually 20 to 40 times a day

  3. This is truly inspiring! I really enjoyed reading this (and not just because of the income report motivation haha) but your writing style is engaging.

    How long have you been blogging until you had enough traffic to apply for Mediavine? Did you use different ads before Mediavine?

    Looking forward to your new blog!

    • Thank you for your kind words Nisha. I started blogging a little over a year prior to applying to Mediavine (because I didn’t have the required traffic threshold).
      I had used Google AdSense for ads on my blog for about a month, do not recommend it!
      Then I switched to Mediavine as soon I hit the traffic threshold which was 25k sessions for the last 30 days at that time.

  4. Hey there, Thanks for sharing this awesome info. Its inspirational. I have been running a blog now since 2019 and have written 87 post and my traffic is still around 2000 sessions a month. Im confused at what I’m doing wrong. Im doing keyword research on each blog topic and following all blogging best practices to the best of my knowledge.

    How did you get yourself past the 10k session mark? I feel like my posts just aren’t making a difference anymore.

    Thanks again for the awesome info.

    • If you’re not getting enough traffic from google, I suggest you focus solely on Pinterest.
      I saw that you only have 122 pins saved on Pinterest as of now. Pin often and pin good quality pins daily (around 20 to 40 daily).

      Create new pins every day and share them on every relevant board. This is going to make a huge difference in your reach.

  5. Hi. Sayan this was really inspiring.!!
    Let me ask youu something do you use tailwind? What are your thoughts on shared boards? Are they efficient now than pinterest want more new content rather than repining?
    Thank you.

    • No, I don’t use tailwind. Tried it, but didn’t notice any major difference in reach. I find manual pinning more effective.

      According to my Pinterest analytics, the majority of my pins’ impressions and engagement comes from my own boards (boards that I’ve created to post new pins).
      A very small portion of the total impressions comes from other group boards. So I would say that focussing on your own board will help you grow more.
      Takeaway- Post new pins as often as you can on your own board and repin them in other boards

  6. Wow! What a great income report!

    I am impressed by the level of traffic that you get from Pinterest, that is astounding!

    I need to work harder on Pinterest as I have only been focusing on SEO.

    Thanks for the great post!


    • Thank you, Zach. Yes, diversifying the traffic sources is very essential for blog growth. I’ve been diving deep into SEO since I hardly get any traffic from Google.

  7. Hey!

    Great blog followed!

    Just wanted to pop by and ask when did you start your blog and how long did it take you earn your first paycheck from it?
    Is most of your income predominately through ads?


    • started in Jan 2018, and made $130 in the same month. My income isn’t always predominantly through ads, it depends from month-to-month. For example, December 2020 ad income was more but in January 2021, affiliate income took the lead.

  8. Wow , I am speechless.. I don’t think I would fall in love with a guy’s blog . You are so transparent about your income and you make me see clearly how you make this much income with your blog. I truly admire your dedication and effort for the blog..

    • Thank you so much Anys! This comment meant so much to me, I even tweeted about it.

  9. Hello, Sayan! Your blog is amazing and a big congratulations on your wonderful success! Can you please tell how you customised your theme? It looks superb. 😍How did you make the sticky header? Did you use any page builders?

    • Thank you so much Esdi! I use the Generatepress theme (Access is the name of its child theme) and everything you’re looking for from my theme is already present here.

      • Thank you for telling me! I like this theme a lot. But it says that in order to purchase, I have to pay $59 for it every year or pay $249 for lifetime. Which one do you suggest? $249 seems a bit expensive.

        • I personally pay $59 yearly! You can use this theme for the yearly payment plan and figure out over time if this is something that you really want. You can always switch to another theme without paying the full $249.

  10. Sayan, when you say β€œsession” in order to qualify for Mediavine, what do you mean? Thank you for your content. I love your blog! You inspire me to blog as well!

    • Thank you, Joanne! When someone visits your blog and leave after some time, it is counted as one Session. It doesn’t matter how many pages they read within the blog, it will still be one session when they leave. Pageviews are always greater than or equal to the sessions on any given period of time.

  11. Hey Sayan, congratulations on your newest income milestone.

    Currently, am with Ezoic and hope to get up to the amount of traffic required to get an approval on Mediavine.

  12. Hello Sayan, I’m sorry to offend you but for a moment I thought this was a lady’s blog. You are so organized and you write so well. Congratulations!

    • Being confused with a lady’s blog & writing (being organized and all) is certainly a high compliment.
      Thank you so so much, Pauline! 😁

      • Hello Sayan,
        Firstly, congratulations on your success! You deserve it!
        I’ve noticed that you pay $59 for your theme. And, as a highschool junior with absolutely no experience and money to spend on “decorations”, I wanted to know if there are good *free* themes that you recommend.

        • Hey Asma,
          Thank you for your kind words!
          Speaking of free themes, I don’t really have any specific theme in mind that I can recommend as of now. You can always browse the free theme section in your WordPress dashboard to see which suits your needs.
          As a matter of fact, I too started with a free theme and had it on my blog for over a year. So get a premium theme when you can not because everyone has it.

  13. How do you get ads without many page views? And do you use Canva for your Pins?

    • @Janelle Dunfee, You can go for ad networks that don’t require big threshold pageview to be able to get accepted such as Adsense, Ezoic etc.
      Yes, i use canva for my pins!

  14. Hi Sayan
    Thank you for what you do for us. I would like to know why do you say to have a blog costs about $2 dollars per month while your expenses to maintain the blog are about $146? Kindly clarify

    • @Olympia, @Olympia, for an absolute beginner, one who hasn’t started making money yet can run a blog for $2 a month. I sorta have a good userbase and income to be able to afford high end servics for my blog. So expenses for a new blogger is comparatively less than someone who is doing it for a while.


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