7 Reasons Why No One’s Reading Your Blog (Why Most Bloggers Suck)

7 Reasons Why No One's Reading Your Blog (And how to fix them)

“I‘ve put so much effort and time in this blog post, hopefully, it will bring an avalanche of traffic to my blog”

” OK! I am done with this post” (pressing PUBLISH)

Waited 1 hour…

Waited 5 hours…

Waited the whole damn day…OK, I am starting to get a little frustrated now!

Where the HELL are my readers?


It’s a common experience if you’re in the blogging world. Getting the audience to your blog is a struggle!

I feel you! I really do!


Especially in the beginning when you have no followers or engagement.

YEAH! It sucks! 

Not to discourage you but Blogging is not always rainbows and butterflies. It seems to be a tough hill to climb, but also rewards are much higher.It’s work just like anything else, and I had to be on TOP of my game to make this work. 


Let’s get you on your A-game and solve the problem. 

So given below are the Reasons (with no specific order), Why no one is reading your blogs and obviously, how to fix them :


1: Not Engaging with your audience

Blogging is wonderful. It is a great way to pass down information, strategies to those who need it.

But its really boring to read something that makes you feel you’re back in math class. I’ve always hated math class. Uggghhh!

Blogging is like having a long conversation with your friends. It doesn’t have to be serious at all. Be Open About Who You Are. You don’t need to hide behind your blogs, That’s how you build trust with your readers. I cannot stress it enough how important “Trust” is. It works something like this:

For example:

If a creepy guy approaches you, fully masked, wearing a hoodie and asks you to buy something from him, will you? I would run as fast as I can and I’m not kidding!

On the other hand, If that friendly grandma in your neighbor who often asks how are you, offers you a cookie, you obviously will not refuse, unless you are on a “diet”.

I hope you get the idea! 

Why would ANYONE take something that you’ll recommend unless you have their trust? 


Blogging is not always about traffic, money, and informative stuff. It is about people, just like you and me. Readers will come to read your blog hoping to know something that will change their lives in some ways. 

In order to do so, sure! Make your blog as informative as possible, BUT don’t forget to add that human element.

P.S.- Keep your blog language simple. Try not to make your readers to open a dictionary to keep up with those gigantic words you’ve used.


2: Repeat after me: ” I will NOT write Blocks of texts”

We humans are Lazzzy! There is no denying in that. We like to find the simplest, easiest and effective way to get our jobs done. When it comes to reading something, we’d like to get the summary of a content with as much less reading as possible.

Let me ask you a question,

Are you a newspaper article writer?


Then you don’t need to write your blogs with huge paragraph sizes. Big fat paragraph sizes ACTUALLY intimidate your readers!

Trust me! Most of the readers find it easier in the eyes when blogs are written in 2-3 lines rather than a paragraph.


Not actually realizing that readers actually are intimidated by those big fat paragraphs is common. Big paragraphs make you question that “are you really want to sign up for this time-consuming commitment that may or may not contain any useful information”?. All those readers who hit that blog title to read this page are going to see huge chunks of block texts written, they are gonna bounce real hard like a kangaroo on adrenaline. Now, do you see why long paragraphs are so irritating? What ends up happening is that even if you have very important content written in the paragraph, people will entirely skip this paragraph. And most importantly, if you’ve written your whole blog posts like big chunks of texts, it becomes easier to your readers to think that ” I don’t have this much time to spend here, I read about his somewhere else”. BOOM, congratulations! you’ve lost your reader.


Did you just skip this whole paragraph? 

How dare you? Just kidding! Its normal of you to skip this! Now you know what happens when you write big chunks of texts. This is exactly what happens most of the time.

Now go back to the paragraph you just brutally ignored, that wall of text contains useful points.


3: NOT Using Pinterest like crazy

In the beginning of using Pinterest, starting with ZERO followers, ZERO engagement, ZERO repins really made me overwhelmed.


Like, how was I supposed to drive a massive amount of traffic from Pinterest to my blog that every other blogger was talking about? 

After a brief week, I managed to grow my Pinterest views from zero to 12.2k/month.

And voila! I grew from there.

Pinterest is my (and most bloggers ) primary traffic source.Unlike any other social media, Pinterest posts have a much higher lifespan than others. In twitter, a tweet has a lifespan of few minutes, few hours for Facebook.

But for Pinterest, the lifespan of a pin can be as long as 3 months. Your pin from six months ago can go viral today. Thus providing your blog an evergreen traffic.

Make the full use of Pinterest

  • Switch to business profile
  • Create boards relevant to your niche
  • Create a “best of your own original pins” board
  • Join groups boards similar to your niche
  • Confirm your website
  • Apply for rich pins
  • Pin high-quality images ONLY


One thing to keep in mind that, never ever do the follow-unfollow thing to gain followers. Pinterest will associate these kinds of activity as spam and your pins will appear less to others and in extreme cases, your account may be blocked. 

Soooo… don’t do that!

There are other mistakes that bloggers sometimes commit, and one of that is the post is not easily shareable from your website. For sharing (recommended by almost all the successful bloggers), Social warfare is the most versatile sharing plugin present.

As said by the Pinterest pro herself Carly from Mommyonpurpose about the most common and biggest Pinterest mistake.


If I ever come to your blog and hopefully like your post, maybe I would like to pin it on my boards. But if I have to do a scavenger hunt that Pinterest sharing button on your blog, I may not consider it sharing.

This way you’re leaving away free traffic. 

One amazing feature of this Social warfare plugin in that you can specify a specific Pinterest image on the back end – where you write your posts – that it will pull when someone clicks to share





4: Your Content isn’t valuable

Rule #1 of blogging: be so useful they can’t ignore you. And by useful I mean by your content. There are enough trash talks on the internet, you don’t want to add to that.

Valuable content is content that satisfies your target audience’s needs, interests, or questions. So how do you know what your target audience’s needs, interests, and questions are? Research! Look into topics that have the high popularity or are most shared. 



5: Your Headlines/ Titles aren’t Juicy

You can ruin a beautifully written, well-crafted blog post by NOT using a good headline. your post may be the most 

The attention span of readers is much less than what it used to be! That is why crafting a bomb headline is everything. After writing a blog, if the readers don’t feel like clicking the blog by the title, you’ve already lost the game.

The headline needs to create a curiosity to the reader to click open the blog. 

For example:

Which among the above two, you feel is more attention-grabbing? which one will you click? Probably the second one, right?

Though both Titles redirects to the same blog, but one may be clicked over and over whereas the other one may never. (hey! that rhymes)




6: Mind your fonts

I hope you get it what I am trying to say here. I mean, doesn’t it feel like a vision test while reading it? If I get to your blog, and it’s not easy to read and get what I came for – I’M OUT.

You need to test this on a desktop, laptop, and tablet as well because fonts vary on different platforms.

I’m sure some may use cursive fonts to make their blog look more appealing. Honestly, it doesn’t. It makes it even harder to read. Remember the place where I talked about humans being lazy and stuff? Yeah, it applies here too.

Some examples of clear and simple fonts you can use on your blog are Open Sans and Helvetica. I personally use Helvetica for writing my blogs.


7: Your blog is lacking focus

I know you want to cover everything under the sun in your blogs so that you get a broader range of audience, I get it. But I can tell you that it will be more and more difficult for you, since your blog doesn’t have a clear focus, aside from your many interests.

What I mean is:

It will be harder to grow your audience if each of your readers can only relate to a fraction of your posts. Rather, you’ll grow your blog much faster if you get more specific.

If your blog is focused enough, your readers should be able to visit your site and want to read almost every article Because they’ll know it is related to their interest.


For example:

You have a blog primarily focussed on cooking. Out of the blue, you cannot write blog posts about benefits of “Thigh master 500” and exercise. It’ll seem a little odd to your readers. They’ll think your blog as a little unfocused and not worthy of their time.

I’ve also seen bloggers maintaining two entirely different niches in the same blog and too with great success. So if you want to make your blog Bi-niched, you have to make it work!

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Let’s wrap this up real quick:

  • Engaging with your audience
  • Writing short paragraphs
  • Using full power of Pinterest
  • Creating valuable content
  • Crafting a bomb headline
  • Using simple and clean fonts
  • Focused blog topic(s)

Just make sure to follow these steps.There are no shortcuts folks! 

Got any questions? Want to add a suggestion? Comment down below!


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  1. Sir,
    You writing style is awesome.
    I was actually caught up in your trick on Step 2, it also just changed my mind-set on writing blog posts. Now I know that longer the paragraph more will I be losing my audience.
    I will surely implement this on my blog and thanks for inspiring.

    • Thank you so much, Jose! ? And yes, huge walls of texts makes you more vulnerable to lose your audience. Keeping that in mind makes your blogs will look more human-friendly!

  2. Thanks for the advice. As a new blogger I am constantly on the hunt for advice to help my site succeed. I really appreciate the help!

    • I am glad you found it useful!

  3. A superb article and a very helpful article with very good tips and tricks given which are really gives you some good blogging motivation. Thanks a lot for sharing such helpful article. Keep it up

  4. This post is spot on! I never really got any traffic until I niched down and got my content focused!

    • Niche is important if you’re a beginner and serious about making money through it! A focussed niche targets like-minded audiences to similar articles which in turn makes more money!

  5. Thank you. I am constantly pulling up mom-blogs on Pinterest that are full of cookies and huge paragraphs just to get to one recipe. This is clean, helpful and to the point. Awesome! I’m trying to be brave enough to start one so thank you.


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