SigTrack Review: Can You Make Money With This Data Entry Job?

SigTrack Review: Can You Make Money With This Data Entry Job? shareable image

Most of the time when people search for online jobs, it is usually “work from home jobs”. Not only making money from home is very much a reality, but there are also gazillion ways to do it.

Data entry jobs are one of them!

Sigtrack has been significant mention in almost all the blog posts you read about “Work from Home Data Entry Jobs”.

But the question remains, is it really legit? Is it really worth your time? or is it just overhyped for some reason?

In this article, you’ll learn about the pros, cons, how much money you can make, the requirements and of course, how you can apply.

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What is SigTrack?

Sigtrack is just another platform where part-time workers find data entry jobs.

Sigtrack is exclusively for US residents only and the daily work mainly consists of updating voter registration for a number of states.

You might want to check this requirement because it changes from time to time because sometimes the requirement tab states: US citizens only (except California and Massachusetts).

So keep an eye out!

Being a US citizen is the only hurdle here, the rest depends on how you perform the tasks given to you.

Before accepting they will verify your citizenship and will recommend you to switch to high-speed internet of 10 Mbps or faster (if you don’t already have one).

And you should have a dual monitor system ( where at least one screen should be of 1080p) with windows 10 configuration or Mac OS 10.14.

Is SigTrack a scam?

No, SigTrack is NOT a scam, it is legit!

If you are really interested in pursuing data entry jobs then Sigtrack is one company you might want to give a go-to.

You can give this job a try if you want some part-time money, keeping in mind it’s not going to make you rich.

So if you are looking to make a fortune with basic data entry jobs this might not be the track you are looking for. 

Benefits of SigTrack 

No experience needed

The only thing you have to prove is your US citizenship, and they will not ask for further qualifications and training. As this job is a pretty straightforward entry-level job, anyone with a good work ethic can do it.

Flexible working hours

Sigtrack, like most data entry jobs, is mostly concerned with the completion of the given work.

So whether you work during the morning or night or anytime during the day isn’t a deal-breaker, you set your own work hours!  

Decent Pay

You will earn approximately 3.7 cents per signature and 15 cents for handling registrations. Click here to know how their pay works.

And yeah, you’ll get paid via PayPal.



Only for US citizens! Bummer for anyone outside the country!

Equipment requirements

Dual monitor: If you don’t already have an extra high-resolution display, this can be an extra expense on your end.

Repetitive work

Data entry is no doubt a job with boring and repetitive tasks. You’ll eventually get used to it! So find yourself a comfortable workspace as you’ll be working for long stretches of time.

Who can apply? 

Sigtrack is always in search of candidates who can follow general rules and consistently delivers. If you can type fast with minimum error and can work on flexible time, then you are an ideal candidate for this job

System Requirements:

  • High-speed internet ( 10 Mbps or more)
  • Dual Monitor (one should be of high resolution)
  • The latest version of Windows or Mac OS

How much money can you make with SigTrack?

It really depends on the type of work you’re given and with what degree of accuracy you do it.

Treat your first 20 hours as practice and don’t plan on seeing much money until you’ve gone through the learning curve, after that you can expect $11 to $20 per hour.

Which is okay considering the minimum qualification and training required.

How to apply for a job in SigTrack?

Click here to go directly to their website and then click on “How do I start?”

You might have to record a 3-second video of your driver’s license or state ID next to your face so that they can verify it faster and get you started as soon as possible.

Once you’re approved, you’ll receive a password to access your Sigtrack dashboard.

To know more about the various data entry jobs, check out this article that has 9 more data entry platforms mentioned. 

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