List Building Strategies – Ways To Skyrocket Your Email Signups

It’s no secret that having an online business requires one to maintain and nurture an email list. The energy of your business is somewhat directly tied to the strength of your email list. Therefore any business always needs to evolve their list building strategies to see what converts more efficiently.

list building Strategies - ways to skyrocket your email signups
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As said by Pat Flynn (of himself,

“I missed out on sales because I hadn’t taken the time to build a relationship over email at the beginning of my blogging business.” 

And Missing out on sales can significantly decline your income stats despite having decent traffic on your blog. 

Value of an Email List and the need for proper list building strategies-

Building a loyal email list may seem like a tedious and slow process but it is waaaaay more powerful than sharing a social media post with your blog linked to the web and hoping for the best.

Your email audience is that audience which has shown interest in your niche. A targetted audience is important here because these are the people that are more inclined to buy whatever you have to offer.

If your email list was not interested in your niche, then they would have never passed the email signup barrier. So an email list will drive you more sales than any other alternative possible.

But in reality, 100% of your subscribers ARE NOT active, so you need to grow your list over time to ensure a larger targetted audience. Hence, more sales and income. 

But how to increase the signup rates?

Throughout my blogging journey, I’ve performed various trial and errors to know what works best for me. I am sharing some of my strategies and tips to skyrocket your conversion rates.

And these little tips were proven to convert readers to subscribers more efficiently and regularly. At least it did for me!


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Without any second thought, Convertkit is my #1 recommendation as because, its creator Nathan Barry, who himself is an accomplished blogger specifically made it for bloggers and online entrepreneurs



Find the High traffic source of your website

If you want to maximize the number of subscribers that you get from your blog, you need to start with the blog posts which are receiving most of the traffic as because those pages have the most potential for generating most email subscribers.

It’s that simple! 


Provide Exclusive or free Content

After finding the high traffic posts in your blog, create a freebie that acts as an update to the blog post that has been written.

An Update?

For example, you have a high traffic blog titled ” How to drive traffic from Facebook?”. The updated content version which can be used in the email signup can be a free printable titled ” List of 10+ facebook groups for free traffic”.

This freebie which is closely related to the high traffic blog post will surely accelerate your signup rates.

People LOVE free stuff!

And if it is one of the things that interest them, they love it even more! 

The best list building strategy is to offer exclusive content. Think of it as a present you offer in exchange for their email address. 

For Example:

[mailmunch-form id="725469"]


This above signup for can be used to the blogs where the topic of “How to drive traffic” has been discussed.

The exclusive content can come in many shapes and forms. A free ebook (in the above case), Bonus tips, mini-course, weekly updates, video series or other types of tips about your niche. Which you give in return for your visitors’ email address.

Considering that people have shown interest in this exclusive content, so in future, they might buy a product on the same topic.

This way you build a list of potential leads who can be interested in your products or services in the long run.


Use Social Proof If You Can

Your readers may not want proof that your newsletter actually does offer additional value. But its a really good practice to add numbers to back up your social proof of quality.

That is why reviews on Amazon exist. Social proof, people!

That’s why you should consider adding how many subscribers you already have. Content Marketing Institute does this very well by immediately showing a large number of peers who have already signed up to the newsletter.

For example:

List Building Strategies

But what if you have only 14 subscribers?

You need social proof to get subscribers. But you need subscribers to get social proof. It is a classic chicken and egg dilemma.

To overcome this problem, you can use testimonials.

Ask your current subscribers for feedback and use their opinions as your testimonials. For example: (From the website

List Building Strategies – Ways To Skyrocket Your Email Signups

If you have trouble getting testimonials, you can use your page views as leverage too. For example: Join over 25,000 Monthly Readers. This can work as well!

Have one Pop-up Form

I’ve tried all (Popup, embedded, click triggered, inline and slide in) form types in my blog to get subscribers multiple times. Out of them, Popups seems to take the prize, every time.

Popover forms, unlike embedded ones, cannot be ignored by the viewer.

The viewer will have to immediately come up with a decision whether to fill the form or cross it. If the pop-up offers a service or exclusive content within your blog niche, your chances of getting their email increases.

Embedded forms are more likely to be lost in the sea of text or in the sidebar.

And try to insert a relevant image in this form (any form in general). Whether it be something related to the niche, the blog topic or the theme of the signup form, using an image in the form will improve the user experience of the reader. Your readers are not robots, an aesthetic image will motivate them to fill the form.

Here are some key points to remember regarding popups-  

  • Use as many embedded forms as you want but have at least one popup
  • Not more than one popup, it degrades the user experience
  • Offer relevant and exclusive offer (ebook, printables, tips, discount etc)


There ya go!

At the end of the day, your readers only care how YOU can help THEM, not the other way around! So you need to provide something that will actually help your readers. If they don’t find any value in your signup forms, they simply won’t signup. 

That’s just the reality!

Tweaking few list building strategies may result in the difference of thousands of subscribers. Constantly test what works for you and keep that changes that convert better.

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