Keyword Planner – How To Find Keyword For Pinterest

The keyword planner is as important as making a Pin, especially if you’re a new or Intermediate pinner.

 Keyword Planner – How To Find Keyword For Pinterest
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The reason why we require Pinterest Keyword planner is that Pinterest is a free traffic Jackpot for new bloggers and we need it to unlock Pinterest’s untapped potentials. 

A very important fact you need to know about Pinterest traffic is that you don’t need to wait months or years for your website or blog to gain domain authority as it happens on Google.

Pinterest SEO has an easier learning curve, compare to other search engines. 

Getting the first page ranking in Google is very difficult to even for experienced bloggers and nearly impossible for new bloggers. There’s no point in being on the 8th page of a search result.

And let’s be honest, does anyone even checks results for a google search after the first 2-3 pages?

Probably on one!


For Google as a traffic source, new bloggers hardly see any traffic in the beginning months which is really discouraging. This is why Pinterest and its keyword planner is veeerryyy Important!


What is a Keyword? And why do you need a Keyword Planner?

Keywords are the words or phrases that are searched over more than any other words at any platform.

So if your pin title or description is rich with these relevant keywords, then you’ll have a higher chance to be found by other pinners and hence will ultimately multiply your traffic reach!

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How To Find The Most Searched Keywords on Pinterest Itself?

Disclaimer: To access the below-mentioned Pinterest tools as your keyword planner, you need to have a business profile. So if you don’t have a business profile already then convert it to a business account.

Step #1: Go to Pinterest ads

In the topmost bar of your Pinterest account, there is a section called “Ads”. Under it, select “create ad”! Don’t worry! You’re not really creating a paid ad, you’re just using some of the Pinterest’s features to dig some info about a target audience which is totally free.


Step #2: Create an example Campaign Name

When you see the above page, click on the campaign name and give any “Campaign Name”. It does not matter what name you give. I usually type some random gibberish to get this over with. For example: fjvbeljfvb OR kjnjlvrv

It is actually kinda fun! 

Then you’ll have to ignore every other field and click the “Continue” button at the end of the page.


Step #3: Type in Relevant words about your blog post idea

Keyword Planner – How To Find Keyword For Pinterest


Once you’ve clicked the continue button in the previous step, you’ll get a new page that’ll look like you’re about to choose a target audience for your ad. Scroll down the page until you find the section where you’re asked to search for “Related Keywords”.

Keyword Planner – How To Find Keyword For Pinterest


You can write any word related to your blog topic or anything in general. Instantly Pinterest will show you the relevant keyword along with their monthly searches.

Yup, It is an amazing feature!

For example: I’ve typed “budget” and the list of related keywords is shown. Mind that the topmost keyword is searched more than the ones that are below it and so on. In this case, “budget tips frugal living ” is searched most over the platform which is related to the main word “budget“.

So for the maximum reachability of your pins with a budget topic, including these keywords in the description and/or title might be your best bet.

But, here is a little problem, even if two different keywords are searched over 10 million a month and 6 million a month respectively, both will still list under 5 Million+ category. 

How To Place Keywords In Pin Description And/or Boards?

Don’t just fill up your pin description with any random keyword. Keywords should be included in the pin descriptions as a part of natural sentences.

For Example:  For a keyword “Personal Finance”, I can write a pin description as–

There are a ton of different personal finance advice to choose from. But when it comes to actually manage your finances, the only thing I learned from becoming aware of my personal finance the past year is that it isn’t just one thing you need to do, a lot of things come into play, from saving to growing money. Keeping your Personal finance in check is a tedious yet rewarding thing #PersonalFinance #Finances #Money 

It is a good idea to write the keyword “Personal Finance” more than one time so that the search algorithm picks it up, but don’t overdo it!

It is not an absolute necessity to write descriptions this big, if you can slip the keywords in the description a few time then you’re fine. 

 When it comes to Pinterest boards, using a cutesy name won’t help pinners find your board. So use keywords that are related to your niche. Make them as clean as possible and you’re good to go!

There Ya Go!

So that’s how you draw popular keywords from Pinterest and use them to grow your Pinterest account exponentially. The use keyword Planner may seem like just an extra step to grow and share your content, but on a long run will provide you a consistent traffic.

An overall good Keyworded pin will target the right niche audience for your blog hence will increase your blog income, that too on autopilot!

So get going with this keyword planner and drive massive traffic to your blog with the reference of some high volume keyword selections.

Time for some keyword action!

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